100+ Years of British Car-Making at the MINI Oxford Plant
by Michael Frank In an age when automakers are suddenly front and center in potential trade wars, it’s important to take a step back and realize that these companies—regardless of where they manufacture—employ human beings. The impacts of trade...
The Thanksgiving Reader
We're approaching that time of the year many people come to dread for its airport travel clogs and the political arguments that await at dinner. Thanksgiving is just T-minus 10 days and this year, entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin suggests a...
Magnets The Game
We've all been mesmerized by magnets since childhood. Now, a new game utilizes a handful of tiny ones and a ring-like "playing field." Users toss a magnet into the space, and when they begin to stack up, the user collects. The game doesn't end till...
Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit
Cookies may not be the most difficult thing you'll bake this holiday season, but alleviate even more stress without turning to pre-made dough with Scratch & Grain's cookie kits. Complete with fool-proof, individually portioned ingredient packets...
Heidi Bucher's Mummified Homes
In 1993 Swiss artist Heidi Bucher passed away at 67 years old, leaving behind a portfolio of thoughtfully executed work. Bucher began making rubber latex casts over parts of houses comprising her life back in the '70s and from that point forward...
The "godee" from MeLuvKush is a modern-day redesign of the traditional Indian godhri, used to snugly envelop newborns and purportedly prevent germs from spreading. This eases a parent's concerns when giving the baby to others to hold, for those moments...
A creative resource for adults and kids alike, Disruptus is "designed to open every mind," and from what we can tell, it works as advertised. Using product flashcards as a starting point, and a die for direction, the game instructs players to either...
Nook HD and HD+
Announced today, Barnes & Noble has updated the popular Nook tablet with HD and HD+ versions. Unlike competitors like the Kindle Fire or iPad, the new generation of Nooks are offered strictly as content consumption devices; while users can peruse...
Silhouette Project
When graphic designer Brent Holloman was about to welcome his first child into the world, he had learned enough from friends that those formative years can fly by. In order to enjoy and remember the early stages of his daughter's development he decided...
Crafting Community
For one weekend every spring, several dozen families gather at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for a weekend of crafting. This is no ordinary organized school event with well-meaning preschool teachers sharing cute art projects to keep the kids busy...
Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I - XVIII
Taryn Simon is part bloodhound, part photographer. For "A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I - XVIII," she spent four years tracking down 18 families spread all over the world. Nine of those families, or chapters, as Simon calls them...
Gifts for Mom
Mother's Day is just around the corner in the US, and while everyone's relationship with their mom is completely unique, here are a handful of ideas culled from our Cool Hunting Gift Guide that are sure to brighten up any mother's day, any time of...