The Public Profile of An American Girl
As of September 2013, Facebook reported that 350 million new photos were uploaded each day—and Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities dictates that under the public setting anyone can access and use that information. Raising questions...
CH Facebook Cover Contest
CH recently hosted a competition in search of new talent and a new cover image for our Facebook page. We called upon our community of skilled artists, designers and creatives for image-based entries that would engage and inspire other readers. The...
Interview: Diane Gaeta
by Vivianne Lapointe LA-based artist Diane Gaeta explores the complex themes of sexuality, self discovery and the life of a young Parisian girl through the manipulation of her image found on social networks in "Lolitas," Gaeta's two-day solo show...
Facebook HQ Commissary
Coinciding with the official release of "Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors: Things We Made," we are now able to publish previously unseen photos of new additions to the Facebook main office. The center, designed by the interior design duo...
Things We Made
Even if you're unfamiliar with interior design powerhouse Roman and Williams, there's a good chance you know their work. The Standard Hotel, The Breslin, The Ace Hotel, The Standard Grill, Stumptown Coffee, The Dutch, The Boom Boom Room—countless...

 A newcomer to the cutthroat world of social media backed by DreamWorks, Ptch sources content from popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, giving users the chance to remix media to their heart's delight. The idea is to create...
In an era of digital minimalism, even some user interface designers scratch their heads when looking at Facebook's maximalist approach. The newsfeed has become a cluttered mix of content that's challenging for even the most savvy user to digest...