Cool Hunting Video: Knoll Remix Line
The Knoll team recently showed us a preview of their latest beautifully designed furniture line: the Remix family of chairs. Teaming up with Formway Design, Knoll produced this line of high-performance office chairs with a focus on conforming to...
Cool Hunting Video: Sri Threads
NYC's five boroughs are full of hidden treasures. From bars concealed by phone booths to unbelievable dim sum, it is nearly impossible to chart all the magic the city creates. We recently spent some time with Stephen Szczepanek, owner of Sri Threads...
Kathrin Von Rechenberg's Tea Silk
Tea silk considered one of the most well-preserved gems in Chinese silk craftsmanship. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, this fabric was once considered the most luxurious silk. The '30s became the gilded age for xiangyunsha (the Chinese name for...
Marimekko Mr Roes
Designer Kirsty Anderson creates a wood nymph's fantasy world with her repurposed fabric-covered vintage pieces. Having scooped up a bounty of Marimekko fabric in Helsinki, she introduces the diminutive Mr Roe, a bright and chipper patterned bust...
by Emily Bihl Travel is a hugely inspirational force for textile designer Emilie Cacace, and it leads to much more than gorgeous Instagram photos of remarkable locales. Cacace’s brand Andéol utilizes natural materials picked up from her travels...
Ruby Ruth Dolls
It's not out of the question that you'd find something familiar about Ruby Ruth Dolls; the reality is you might have already owned one (or part of one) and not even known it. Created in Cornwall, England by Jenny Mustill—a former Damian Hirst...
Cerebella Design
If you've ever peered into a microscope, it's likely that you've been wowed by the microscopic world of colors and texture; the patterns of nature caught under a lens. That was certainly the case for Ariele Faber, founder of Cerebella Design, a Vermont...
Outlier Minimal Backpack
Over the years many have come to expect material innovation alongside considered design from Outlier. And for their latest bag, the brand has delivered just that. The incredibly lightweight and aptly named Minimal Backpack weighs next to nothing...
Ledbury: 31 Days of Shirts
Advertorial content: As fall begins to fully take over from summer, it's a welcome time to switch up your style and swap out your sandals and boardshorts for something a bit more formal. Fall weather lends itself to experimenting with different...
Cool Hunting Video: Upstate
We first came across Upstate back in 2010 and were intrigued by their intricate tie-dyed run of flowing garments. Recently, we had the chance to revisit the duo behind the dye at their studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We gained some insight into...
Two's one-of-a-kind caftans are perfect for stylishly padding around home or covering up at the beach. Designed by Brooklyn's Monica Patel-Cohn, the handmade caftans come in a number of colors in fabrics that were hand-loomed in India.
Boro—The Fabric of Life
Around a month ago I had the privilege of visiting Sri, a private gallery owned by Stephen Szczepanek that houses an incredible archive of rare vintage Japanese textiles. While the experience was educational and fascinating, it did little to curb...
Interview: Jay Sae Jung Oh
The sculptural furnishings by Korea-born designer Jay Sae Jung Oh are stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful—a complicated, show-stopping mix of materials that references centuries-old weaving techniques and yet feels entirely unexpected. Made from discarded...
Apparatus Studio and Zak + Fox
This weekend at ICFF the creative pair behind the lighting design studio Apparatus, Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson, showed off the 15 pieces in their second collection of modern lighting fixtures made from artfully aged materials. They...
Since its inception in December 2012, Kiriko—a joint project between graphic designer Dawn Yanagihara and Compound Gallery owner Katsu Tanaka—has taken off. A mere four months after Yanagihara and Tanaka decided to start producing handmade scarves...
Liberace Extravaganza!
Growing up wearing hand-me-downs during the Great Depression, Liberace's rise to stardom can in some ways be measured by his outfits. From the purchase of his first set of tails to electric costumes adorned in 4,000 light bulbs, Liberace stood alone...
The Simon
Krochet Kids International (KKi) has made a name for themselves by bringing spectacular knit creations to life with the help of women artisans in Peru and Northern Uganda. The Simon is a knit case for the iPad with a micro-fleece liner for gadget protection...
Indigo: The Color that Changed the World
From the Golden Triangle to Central America, varieties of the indigofera plant have been cultivated and used in textile production for centuries. While synthetic dyes have largely replaced the lengthy and somewhat cumbersome method used to create...
Folk Fibers Indigo Wholecloth Collection
Maura Grace Ambrose is known chiefly as a sage of 21st-century quilting. From her home in Austin, Texas, the young Savannah College of Art and Design graduate hand-sews gorgeous, oversized quilts from scraps and new materials, injecting the traditional...
Battenwear SS13
Founded in 2011 by Brooklyn-based designer Shinya Hasegawa, Battenwear—formerly known as Batten Sportswear—takes a playful approach to active menswear design, favoring unconventional fabrics and colorways with a vintage surf-inspired...
Interview: Ethan Lipsitz of Apliiq
By Vivianne Lapointe Ethan Lipsitz founded the Apliiq shop to satisfy his obsessive fabric hunting habit and to encourage creativity in the average shopper by allowing them to apply appliqués to garments. Inspired by popular shoe brands like...
by Blair Milbourne In December of 2011, designer Junichi Nakane headed to Mali on what some might call a cross-cultural expedition of friendship. Journeying through the country, he noticed the lack of clean water sources in the village of Tireli...
Zip Pouch
These zipper pouches in a multitude of Japanese fabric by Drifter are a handy carry-all for personal belongings.
Lightweight Outdoor Essentials
When trekking hundreds of miles even the slightest reduction in carry weight can increase efficiency and longevity on the trail. In the ongoing effort to minimize pack impact many companies have begun experimenting with new materials unconventional...
Nike Pro TurboSpeed
Nike's latest take on the track and field uniform could be easily equated to the perfect waiter—at your service but, at the same time, so seamless in execution it seems invisible, so you can focus on what's before you. The culmination of 12...
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