The Collective Quarterly Magazine
There is nothing more fiercely gratifying than a life steeped in total purpose—and within the 200 pages of stunning photography, prose and reportage that make up its first issue, The Collective Quarterly magazine documents those who aim to fulfill...
Sidetracked Magazine: Adventure Travel
Spirited travelers know the value of immersing oneself in the unknown. Getting lost is a real possibility, if not a given. Dubious roadside food will no doubt be consumed alongside the most memorable, high-quality meals. While travel guides and local...
Kensington Tours: Explorers in Residence Series
Jeff Willner isn't your average CEO. The thoughtful, charismatic mastermind behind Kensington Tours clocked over 120,000 miles while driving around the globe as a brand ambassador for Land Rover. This modern-day explorer, who has touched down in...
Aether LA Motorcycle Ride
The inaugural AETHERmoto ride in Los Angeles—hosted by Aether Apparel—was an experiment in urban exploration. Both Aether founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West, are avid riders and have gone on numerous excursions with RawHyde Adventures into the...
C-Explorer 2
Because private planes are just so passé! All it takes is a 3-week course and a well-earned chunk of change—next thing you know you can be at the helm of your own private submarine, exploring the ocean floor like never before. With depth ratings ranging...
Osprey Xena 70 Pack
Traveling through the backcountry on foot can be a uniquely masochistic enterprise. What seems like a minor discomfort after an hour can easily turn into a major inconvenience, or even an injury, after several days, but even the smallest tinkering...
Cartier Apollo 11
As proper reward for forging new frontiers and landing Apollo 11 on the moon, astronauts Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled to Paris where they were presented with a trio of solid gold Lunar Excursion Module replicas created...