Art or Sound at Fondazione Prada
Ca' Corner della Regina is a majestic Venetian palazzo overlooking Canal Grande, built between 1723 and 1728 by Domenico Rossi. At the end of 2010 Fondazione Prada began a restoration process on the historic building while also breathing new life...
Cool Hunting Video: NYU Fluid Dynamics Lab
The concept of flight has always held humankind's imagination captive—yet making that concept a reality continues to baffle even the most ingenious innovators. We recently got a few insights and a lesson in aerodynamics from NYU Professor of Mathematics...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: U-Mini Burger
The second of our videos to premiere at this year's 99u will definitely get you in the mood for lunch. We spoke to the founder of the famous Umami Burger in Los Angeles about his newest experimental venture, the U-Mini Burger. U-Mini takes all the...
Oded Ezer
Israeli type designer Oded Ezer breathes new life into Hebrew and Latin letters by giving his typefaces sculptural form or a curious new meaning. Each of his experimental works elevates the written word, challenging the brain to rethink how it views...
The Minotaur
As a follow-up to the extraordinary Hell’s Half Acre, Steve Lazarides and his merry band of radical street artists have teamed up with KP Kofler’s Pret A Diner dining experience to create The Minotaur. Set once again in the dark depths...
Machine Project at Walker Art Center
Chiefly interested in the "intersections between different fields of knowledge," like all good art collectives, Machine Project's objectives are sometimes frustratingly vague. Loose definitions on their site span "informal educational institution...