Dominic Wilcox on Playful Creativity
At last month’s Design Indaba 2015 conference in Cape Town, British artist Dominic Wilcox’s humorous, engaging talk drew the most laughter, as well as audible expressions of awe and wonder. After his time on stage, the crowd's enthusiasm didn't...
Finisterre Waterproof Duffle Bag
Drawing on premium materials and the latest waterproof construction techniques, the Waterproof Duffle from UK-based cold-water surf company Finisterre is built to last. The 40-liter capacity bag offers enough space for weekend getwaways and works as...
Martin Miller's London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength
Among the two standard offerings on roster from one of the most highly awarded UK distilleries, London's Martin Miller's Gin, we were recently taken by the botanical blend within their 90-proof Westbourne Strength. While all of their gin is distilled...
Openspaces: Cornwall's Shores in Photos
Recent years have seen England's surf scene earn more and more credit on an international level. With the growing popularity of cold water surfing (and the ability to quickly document and share one's sessions via social media) England's frigid yet...
Rutherfords of England Leather Bags
While Rutherfords of England has only been around a few years, the company is built on decades of experience. Fortunate enough to inherit the tools and talent when saddlery firm Shuttleworths of Chester shut down operations in 2010, Rutherfords...
Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, London
Legend has it that Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has been located in the same spot on Hoxton Street in London since 1818. If you walked past the shop a few years ago and thought you saw a job center, that’s just because the shop—purveyor of all...
Silo: The UK’s First No-Waste Restaurant
by Ananda Pellerin Chef Douglas McMaster has a vision: he wants to eradicate waste from the commercial food preparation process. This might seem profoundly uninteresting—but it’s nothing short of revolutionary. “It’s what I call a pre-industrial...
About Town, a Four-Day Video Art Event
It’s been 50 years since art gallery Ikon in Birmingham, UK, was established by an artists’ group that wanted the space to be “an antithesis to exclusive art establishments and galleries.” This weekend it’s celebrating that anniversary by teaming...
Sidetracked Magazine: Adventure Travel
Spirited travelers know the value of immersing oneself in the unknown. Getting lost is a real possibility, if not a given. Dubious roadside food will no doubt be consumed alongside the most memorable, high-quality meals. While travel guides and local...
Ace Hotel + Hancock Poncho
The Ace London tapped the nearly 200-year-old Scottish maker of vulcanized rainwear, Hancock, to create a charcoal gray poncho exclusive to its shop. Constructed from the family-run factory's patented rubber-bonded cloth, the poncho features a tartan...
Test Drive: 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster
by James Willard The V12 Vantage was originally created as a love letter to 12-cylinder motoring. When the beloved British brand squeezed its most potent V12 engine between the frame rails of its smallest model, Aston Martin wasn’t aiming for success...
Test Drive: 2015 Bentley GT3-R
"Racing changes the perception," says Brian Gush, Bentley’s Director of Motorsport. The Bentley GT3-R is the latest evolution of the brand's suave and still-alluring Continental GT—and the fastest Bentley ever made. It hauls ass in the most gentlemanly...
The Influence of Furniture on Love
Economist John Maynard Keynes isn’t necessarily the sort of person you think would inspire a contemporary art show—even if he did hang out with the Bloomsbury Group. But at the Wysing Arts Centre outside Keynes’ hometown of Cambridge, a new exhibition...
"Shadowing" Street Project, Bristol
Walk down the streets of Bristol—a university city in England’s West Country—after dark, and while passing under a streetlight, you might find yourself sharing the illuminated circle with the ghosts of visitors past: someone else’s shadow walking...
Jaguar Unveils New XE in London
Iconic British car manufacturer Jaguar unveiled the latest chapter in its history of “speed, beauty and innovation” (as Advanced Design Director Julian Thomson describes the company’s motto) with the release of the XE, its long awaited entry-level...
Poligon Foldable Sculptures
Anyone with a passion for design—or animals—will be a quick fan of Poligon's foldable magnetic sculptures. The clever British duo, Rodrigo Solorzano and Matthew White, met at the Royal College of Art and have made the perfect team for this project...
Man Up Girl's Tough Luck Collection
by Tara Fraser Channeling a combination of classic skatewear and stylish women's attire, Man Up Girl is shaking up the UK's south coast with their bold, hand-printed garb—or in their words, "sports casuals." The young brand releases its second collection...
2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed
There are car shows, and then there's Goodwood Festival of Speed, held each year in West Sussex, England. Everything from rare, vintage and outright odd vehicles are put on display. Then there are the high-performance supercars and Formula One racers...
Wysing Arts Centre's 2014 Space-Time: The Future
An hour and a half outside of London and 20 minutes from Cambridge, lies the rural site of Wysing Arts Centre. Over the past few decades, the former farmland has transformed into an incubator for artistic experimentation and collaboration. By focusing...
Cool Hunting Video: Creating a Bentley Flying Spur
From a sneak peek prior to the official launch at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show to its first drive in Beijing, the Bentley's all-new Flying Spur's development has been closely followed by the CH team. Along the way, we stopped by the headquarters in...
Petrichor Water-Repellent Shirt
When the coastal gales kick up a few raindrops, you want to be prepared—but not look like you're summiting Everest. Cornwall, England-based cold-water surf brand Finisterre hit the sweet spot between form and function with their Petrichor water...
Schofield Watch Company: Blacklamp
Since Schofield Watch Company's Signalman was released, its designer Giles Ellis has been riding his self-made wave of design-inspired success right into the upper echelons of modern horology. With his second timepiece, the Blacklamp, Ellis has taken...
Bamboo Bay
by Emily Millett Originally from London and Northampton, board sports enthusiasts Ludi Ludlow and Amy Roberts are now proud to count themselves amongst the colorfully diverse residents of Brighton in southern England. This surf-friendly coastal...
Enamel Basin
Don't let the allure of this glossy wash basin fool you. North Yorkshire-based Turner & Harper cold form the heavy gauge steel with a spinning process that hardens the material to an extremely robust structure, before adding a satiny enamel finish...
Ethical production doesn't always result in the most fashion-forward apparel. But that's absolutely not the case with London-based designer Eleanor Dorrien-Smith, whose past experiences include working for John Galliano, Mary Katrantzou, Eley Kishimoto...
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