Embroidered Denim Jacket
Not your average embroiders, Brooklyn's Raging Bush aims to apply their skills to messages of empowerment. Their range of "Feminist" denim jackets proclaim a wearer's respect for women and the feminist movement. It's a powerful word that needs reinforcement...
Swan Backpack
Made in Canada with fabric sourced from a time-honored American mill, mimiTENS' waxed cotton backpack is a kid-sized version of a bag you’d carry yourself. The simple design keeps utility at the forefront by removing tricky zippers in favor of a pull...
Rainbow Embroidered Denim Jacket
This navy denim jacket, designed by artist Zakee Shariff, is beautifully embroidered with hands that touch and emit a healing rainbow; a visual declaration for coming together. The front sports equally colorful changing moon phases along the buttonholes...
Transforming Vintage Pieces, the Hus-Hus + Linder Collaboration
The Linder boutique in NYC has become a haven for all genders seeking that je ne sais quoi. There's an in-house collection of luxe basics (think high-waisted gold corduroy pants and oversized silk sweaters) plus pieces from like-minded brands such...
"Metal is The New Black" by Quiet British Accent
Taking something traditionally wholesome and making it a little subversive and much more playful, London-based design duo Quiet British Accent has recently unveiled their Metal is The New Black project. For the series, QBA—aka Sharon and Jason...
Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society Patch
Designed in Winnipeg, this "Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society" patch is self-explanatory and essential for any Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Igby Goes Down or almost any enjoyable movie from the past 40-odd years. It's...
"Not Yours, Never Was" Embroidered Hoop
NYC's Yes Stitch Yes (aka Lauren Singleton) presents yet another fiery and floral embroidered piece. This small but mighty four-inch hoop is covered in pink- and purple-hued flowers, and emblazoned with the message "Not Yours Never Was" inside two...
Feminist Embroidery by Yes Stitch Yes
A sarcastic Tweet disappears almost instantaneously these days, but a brazen embroidered message only gets louder with every look. Edginess and individuality have been elevating fine needlework from a quiet hobby to cultural relevance for some...
Trinidad Zip Clutch
Working with silk threads on Khaddar fabric, fair wage female artisans in Punjab, Pakistan spend 48 hours hand-embroidering the graphic pattern on each Trinidad Zip Clutch. Inspired by Old Havana tile work, the 10” x 7”-wristlet features all the attention...
Embroidered Notebook
British design studio Custhom applies their penchant for unlikely pairings to the Embroidered Notebook. The handmade book is digitally embroidered and fits in your pocket.
Baobap Miniature Embroidered Brooches
Sometimes statement-making accessories make a statement that's just a little too loud. Baobap's miniature brooches are therefore perfect for times that require a bit more subtlety, offering a bit of flair that will quickly snazz up an outfit without...
Mother of Pearl + Richard Saja for Fall 2014
In a world over-saturated with half-baked fashion collaborations, there are very few stories as compelling as that of Mother of Pearl, the British luxe sportswear line founded by Maia Norman in 2010. Rather than using collaborations as a thinly veiled...
Macon & Lesquoy
by Dora Haller For the release of Wes Anderson’s latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," Parisian design duo Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy—who work under the label Macon & Lesquoy—created a pair of special embroideries: a set of keys belonging...
Maison des Perles
While haute couture has, in recent years, moved toward displaying the textural qualities of embellishment through abstraction, Maison des Perles brooches, pins and necklaces are largely representational. Founding artist Môko Kobayashi uses classical...
Natalie Martin Spring 2013
Characterized by vibrant prints and delicate embroidery, LA-based designer Natalie Martin's Spring/Summer 2013 collection derives inspiration from the designer's travels to Bali. The line of dresses, tunics and caftans exudes a bohemian allure captured...
Desirée Hammen
by Matilde Angelucci Desirée Hammen is a Dutch artist specializing in haute couture embroidery. In all her work she pursues the beauty of imperfection, creating unusual mash-ups for a truly surreal effect. As a fashion designer, Hammen combines...
Thread Wizard
Passing her needle through cloth instead of skin, Ontario-based artist Ursula Thompson creates tiny sewn canvases inspired by classic tattoo designs. The self-taught Canadian "Thread Wizard" hand embroiders bright red roses, ships, anchors and skulls...
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