2016 TED Prize Winner: Dr Sarah Parcak's Crowdsourcing Space Archaeology
With millennia of developmental history behind us, much of which has been lost from maps and word of mouth, Dr Sarah Parcak understands the importance of searching for the missing pieces. The space archaeologist and winner of this year's TED Prize...
Beech Hall: Inspired by Egypt
Two's a company, and three's an art collective for the newly formed Beech Hall. Former art school dormmates Danielle Kroll (illustrator and textile designer), Bev Beaulieu (jewelry and 3D CAD designer) and Wade Keller (art director and product...
Word of Mouth: Cairo
by Laila Gohar While Egypt continues to make headlines for a revolution which led to the ouster of a nearly 30-year-old political regime, the sprawling megacity has a thriving underground scene that beats and buzzes with energy around the clock...
The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Hieroglyph Edition
If you're an aspiring Egyptologist or just trying to learn Hieroglyphic script, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit Hieroglyph Edition," might be a good place to start. The complete text from the famous story was transcribed word for word to...