Design Indaba 2017: Nelly Ben Hayoun's University of the Underground
The soon-to-open University of the Underground is taking on today’s institutions and power structures by redesigning the way in which a post-graduate course operates. Helmed by the palpably ambitious multidisciplinary designer Nelly Ben Hayoun, University...
The Illustrated Book of Sayings
Writer and illustrator, Ella Frances Sanders' new book "The Illustrated Book of Sayings" is a charming collection of idioms that get lost in translation. The kinds of phrases you don't often hear in traditional language lessons, these are the sayings...
Counter Culture Coffee, Los Angeles
Coffee bars of every size and shape are opening around the globe at breakneck speed, many of which emphasize novelty elements like 3D animals crafted in cappuccinos. Counter Culture Coffee, however, has taken a different approach in the face of its...
ANAXI Card Game + Brainstorming Tool
Purveyors of clever and entertaining games that also exercise minds, Denver-based, award-winning Funnybone Toys, inventors of the Disruptus innovation game and a long-time favorite of Cool Hunting, has recently released ANAXI, a fun, creative...
Museo Nacional de Antropología
Mexico is steeped in ancient history, and there's no better way to understand its significant heritage than by visiting The National Museum of Anthropology. The institution is home to the most complete Mesoamerican collection, including Aztec treasures...
ArtShack Brooklyn
Encouraging kids to put down their phones and get creative, Brooklyn-based program ArtShack extends elementary learning outside of the classroom. The after-school program, founded by artist and educator McKendree Key and product designer Dany Rose...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Boxchool Concept Brings Modular Classrooms to Developing Areas South Korea-based design studio ID+IM has drawn up an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to bring classrooms to children in developing areas. Called Boxchool, the...
DIY Synth Kit
Injecting fun and excitement around electronics, circuitry and coding, Technology Will Save Us offers DIY kits that teach you how to build a solar-powered moisture-sensor for your plants, a portable speaker from everyday household objects, a game console...
Stone & Cloth's Summit Collection
Inspired by vintage mountaineering and travel bags with the modern day customer in mind, Stone & Cloth has re-imagined their their line of bags for their new Summit Collection—which launches on Kickstarter today. Now—in addition to the backpacks...
Munari's Books
20th century Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) left his legacy in many different forms—from sculptures, paintings, design furniture and objects, films, photographs to even poetry—but it was his experiments in book-objects for children and...
Learn Japanese with LexiCandy
There are many tactics for learning a second (or third) language. Most can be rather daunting, and employ a very traditional form of memorization—with a couple tricks thrown in. New webapp LexiCandy is different. It utilizes an array of media...
The Good Copy, Melbourne
Born out of a love of words and a desire to support emerging and freelance writers, Melbourne's The Good Copy is a writing studio, publisher, grammar school, shop and community library. From offering creative services for corporate clients to publishing...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Krrb Classifieds Nascar meets wheelchair in this polished tire rocker up for grabs on community-based classifieds site Krrb. The chair, named “El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas" (The Rocker of Dead Tires), has been meticulously hand crafted by...
DonorsChoose Gift Card
In a genius way of connecting teachers in need of funding for classroom projects and altruistic individuals looking to give rather than receive for the holidays, DonorsChoose lets you give the chance to give. Recipients can redeem the value of their...
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