SOL Republic's New Shadow Wireless Earphones
The fact of the matter is, in-ear wireless headphones aren't the most aesthetically inclined electronics. Looking to bring a much needed design boost to the space, SOL Republic presents their latest in-ear line, the Shadow wireless earphones, announced...
Normal 3D Printed Earphones
The most irritating, widely experienced issue with earphones is that they're made for the "universal ear." The one-size-fits-all approach works for many, but leaves others wondering if they'll ever find a pair that fits their ear. While brands like...
Master & Dynamic's MH40 Headphones
As offices grow evermore headphone-friendly and creative co-working spaces surge in popularity, the market has opened up even further for reliable, attractive headphone options that get real loud—but keep all that sound contained in the ear-pad...
Three Leather Headphones
While earbuds are often best for discretely listening to music on the way to and from work, at the office over-ear headphones reign supreme. Whether you've got a deadline to hit or the office playlist is having an off day, few materials make wearing...
Logitech UE
Ultimate Ears knows high-end. The audio company practically made the market for custom-fit monitor earphones, commanding the rapt attention of audiophiles and musicians everywhere. Since their acquisition by Logitech in 2008, the Logitech UE line...
Five Headphones
Whether you put them on for pure musical escape or simply to tune out the daily grind, headphones are an essential accessory for all walks of life. We’ve sifted through the most recent releases to short list a handful of standouts from a wide...