Here One Smart Earbuds
Whether in a loud restaurant, on a plane with background noise or simply walking around the city, most of us don’t want to hear every single sound that passes our ears. With Here One from Doppler Labs, we now have the ability to control what we hear...
Doppler Labs' Here One Listening System
Only a year ago, SF-based Doppler Labs (whose mission is to put a computer in every person's ear) raised $635,189 on Kickstarter for their debut product Here Active Listening, a set of earbuds that allows wearers to alter sounds in the real world...
Beats + Hello Kitty Headphones
These super cute special edition Beats + Hello Kitty Solo² lightweight high fidelity headphones come with a custom case to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. They feature a blue and white headband design with Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow and...
Torque Audio Z Series Headphones
In a very crowded, celebrity-saturated area of the music accessory market, Torque Audio is carving out a place in the grounds of in-ear audio innovation. Their Zoom Series t103z earbuds come equipped with the usual high-end standards—a remote...
Bose QuietComfort 20
Today Bose gave new application to the phrase "turn on, tune in, drop out" by announcing the QuietComfort 20—a pair of snug-fitting, noise-canceling earbuds with an ultra-convenient new feature. The earbuds not only allow you to completely disconnect...
Mobile Audio
Summer is here, and it's time to get the hell out of Dodge. As frequent travelers we can best survive a road trip, long-distance flight or lengthy train ride with easy access to good tunes, and we like our gear to match form for function. So, with...
Gifts For Gadget Lovers
Many adults—including a majority of CH staffers—classify their favorite toys in the tech sector. We've culled a batch of coveted electronic items from the Cool Hunting Gift Guide for all the gadget lovers on your list. Ultimate Ears...
Ultimate Ears UE18
In the ongoing quest for the perfect earphones, I gladly accepted Ultimate Ears' offer to try their custom program recently. The resulting UE18 earphones are by far the best-fitting and sounding pair I've experienced so far. Like any bespoke earphones...
Sculpted Eers
Custom-fitted to the unique shape of your ear in just four minutes, the Sculpted Eers earbuds from Montreal-based Sonomax deliver dynamic sound in an ultra-comfortable way. The DIY kit comes with easy instructions for achieving a perfect fit for...