An Idyllic Yurt in Northern Ontario
Shara Gibson isn't your typical landlord. In 2013, she took the internet by storm with two tracks that demonstrate her haunting songwriting abilities and vocal prowess. But music isn't Gibson's only passion project. For the last few years, the Canadian...
Whimsy Travel: Adventure on a Budget
If returning to the same all-inclusive beach resort each year is your idea of the perfect holiday, then London-based travel startup Whimsy might not be for you. The newly minted web company prides itself on fostering exploration. The site utilizes...
32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge
Tucked away deep in the Southern Selkirks amid British Columbia's myriad mountain ranges that stack up like a line of dominos across the province, Baldface Lodge is the epitome of an epic destination. On a clear day, it's a short but breathtaking...
Best of CH 2014: Travel
Travel serves as one of the greatest sources of new ideas, perspectives and creative inspiration. Over 2014, the CH team was lucky to have ventured around the world to renowned and remote destinations alike. Adventure remained a constant theme throughout...
Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa
As the last lights of Sri Lanka's capital of Columbo fade into the night, the vast darkness of the Indian Ocean sets in. For 600 kilometers, it's nothing but the velvety black of the sea and a canopy of stars. Then, like a brilliant shower of sparks...
William Kentridge
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa's contemporary art emblem William Kentridge has played an important role in the artistic revival that has taken place in the post-industrial city in recent years. With the launch of his edition in the Tate Modern...