Pointy Snout Caviar
Record-high pollution levels and depleted sturgeon populations spurred an outright ban on fishing in the Caspian Sea in the early 2000s, which left the caviar industry flat-footed and desperately in need of a new source. As a means to an alternative...
Aether Cone
In a market saturated with compact music players, it's refreshing to see a brand that stands out from the pack. With a focus on ease of use and elegant design, the Aether Cone promises to maintain its status as the sleekest container for tunes on...
Paper Collective Prints and Posters
Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and homeware for decades. New Danish webshop Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has a number of contemporary graphic designers...
Cool Hunting Video: S. B. Foot Tanning Company
Last year, our friends at Red Wing Shoes invited us out to explore their factory in Minnesota. And, right next door to Red Wing is S.B. Foot Tanning Company. Established in 1872 by the Foot family, the business was eventually purchased by Red Wing...
Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer's Yes Shop
by Kohl Crecelius “Yes" has been a mantra for Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer—the husband and wife duo who have founded an online shop bearing the affirmative phrase. They adhere to a lifestyle that says “yes” to what life throws at them, and have carefully...
We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos
We’ve come a long, long way since the times when getting a tattoo was the exclusive prerogative of those on society's fringes. Getting inked is still a pretty big decision however, so trying it out beforehand can oftentimes seem like a good idea...
Test Ride: 2015 Ducati Scrambler
Originally introduced in 1962 exclusively in the United States, the Ducati Scrambler was a 250cc single-cylindar thumper on par with much of the enduro-style bikes coming out of Japan at the time. In 1968, its stateside popularity led to the launch...
Georgia Perry's Festive Designs
Whatever the holidays mean to you—be it celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, eating too much, or something else—Georgia Perry's delightfully colorful greeting cards do well to match the mood of the season. From geometric Christmas...
CH Editions: byAMT Strap Planter
Plants adorn almost every desk at CH HQ, and when we came across byAMT's Strap Planter at ICFF last year we knew we needed to marry our interests. Our signature green hue is painted over the natural leather handle, adding a botanical touch to the the...
Maira Kalman Selects at the Cooper Hewitt
After a $91 million, three-year renovation, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is finally reopening its doors to the public today, 12 December 2014. Inside the former Fifth Avenue mansion of Andrew Carnegie, where the museum is housed...
My Favorite Things
Much-loved NYC author and illustrator Maira Kalman curated an exhibit for the long-awaited reopening of the Cooper Hewitt design museum, where she highlights some of her favorite things from the Smithsonian Institution's collection—from Abraham Lincoln...
Unstuck Tip Cards
In 2011, Cool Hunting covered the launch of Unstuck, a groundbreaking iPad app that strategically leads users through times of creative blockage and decision-making struggles. Using a simple step-by-step diagnostic survey, Unstuck figures out exactly...
Gift Guides for Particular Tastes
Each holiday season, Cool Hunting takes great pride in beefing up our Buy section to help readers find gifts for friends and loved ones with discerning tastes. However, it's also our daily mission to find and feature the best concepts produced around...
Rutherfords of England Leather Bags
While Rutherfords of England has only been around a few years, the company is built on decades of experience. Fortunate enough to inherit the tools and talent when saddlery firm Shuttleworths of Chester shut down operations in 2010, Rutherfords...
What They Didn't Teach You In Design School
For the recent graduate, Phil Cleaver shares invaluable practical advice on embarking on a successful career with his economical appendix, "What They Didn't Teach You in Design School." Topics range from how to build a strong portfolio to invoicing...
Kinematics 4D-Printed Dress
Founded in 2007, generative design studio Nervous System has been working with cutting-edge computer simulation and digital fabrication technologies to create some of the most interesting products on the market. Now, founders Jessica Rosenkrantz...
CH for Combatant Gentlemen: Holiday Picks
For the last two years Combatant Gentlemen has sought to help men dress better. They're one of the few American menswear companies that own every element of their production from design to delivery. And their various apparel items, which range from...
The Pastel-Hued Digital World of Rose Pilkington
“Pinks, purples, turquoises, oranges—sunset colors.” Thrse are artist Rose Pilkington's favorites; something that’s immediately evident when you see her cool, pastel-hued graphic designs. Pilkington has had her hands full since graduating from London...
Javi Design Letterbox
While many take careful consideration when choosing a mailbox, finer details are more often than not an afterthought, with most mailboxes conforming to a uniform design that serves a basic function. But if the front door acts as the first impression...
Doctor Zhou's Body Memory
Doctor Yi Zhou is a rather peculiar doctor: in her pop-up Body Memory clinics, she receives patients in order to cast their fingers, noses, ears, breasts and even belly buttons. Before the procedure, each patient is invited to fill in a clinical...
Series “B” Glasses by Josef Hoffmann + Lobmeyr
With an eye that favored strict geometric shapes, Josef Hoffmann was in many ways anticipatory of the cubist movement. His fondness for the square was so well-known that the architect and designer earned the nickname Quadrati-Hoffmann (Square Hoffman...
Mark Mothersbaugh + Shane Baum Eyewear
As a member of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh is often recognized by his iconic assortment of spectacular spectacles. Now he's sharing his love for unique glasses by launching a collection of eyewear in collaboration with his wife Anita Greenspan and designer...
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