Best of CH 2015: Studio Visits
While we will never be able to step into the minds or imaginations of artists, designers and artisans, we can enter their studios: little (though, sometimes not so little) windows into how they draw inspiration, execute ideas and ultimately make something...
Studio Visit: Margot Bowman
Digital artist and designer Margot Bowman, one of the founders of the ever-fascinating GIF art project 15 Folds, shares a studio in an airy warehouse building in the Dalston neighborhood of east London. Always intrigued by artists and their workspaces...
Homegirl Zine
After moving from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, Ingrid Kesa found the atmosphere for creatives in the city to be one of "collaboration rather than competitiveness" and while making new friends and connections, came in contact with more than a...
Jenny Lewis’ Hackney Studio Project
Photographer Jenny Lewis has a knack for shooting people in their own environments, capturing her subjects when they are truly at ease in front of her camera. The skill is evident in her book “One Day Young,” which features mothers with their newborn...
Intern Magazine
Getting your foot in the door in the creative industry is not an easy feat. With economic fluctuations in recent years and people retiring later and later, paid opportunities for recent graduates are harder to come by. Far from accepting an unpaid...
Source Material
Inspiration is one of the most interesting and mysterious aspects of creativity. It's those sparks that ignite the creative process which are the focus of Source Material, an upcoming exhibition due to open during Milan Design Week. One of the most...
Cool Hunting Video: Carlo Giordanetti of Swatch
On a quiet afternoon at the Whitney Museum of American Art, we had the opportunity to meet with Swatch Creative Director, Carlo Giordanetti. While exploring the Robert Indiana exhibition, Giordanetti shared his process of collaborating with contemporary...
Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space
Professor Astro Cat is the illustrated star of a beautiful book aimed at space-interested youngsters. Created by quantum physicist Dr Dominic Walliman and award-winning illustrator Ben Newman—and published by Nobrow's children's book imprint, London...
Interview: Steven Vogel of Black Lodges
Whether or not you're familiar with the name Steven Vogel, it's more than likely you've ogled his work in one field or another; be it his pioneering music and menswear blog, his expert projects for big shots like Burton and Levi's, or his brazen...
Interview: Becky Crew
Becky Crew spent her childhood in the picturesque Blue Mountains in Australia, with her (human) family and a menagerie that included dogs, cats, pigeons, crabs and all kinds of critters. Suffice to say she has always had a bit of a fascination with...
Vintage-inspired eyewear isn't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but Gentlemonster reworks the classics with an emphasis on innovation. Buddy Holly specs and brow line glasses take on a modern edge with sleek angles whereas changeable...
Handmade Valentines
While some bitterly cast off the romantic holiday as nothing more than an excuse to consume, Valentine's Day is a great way to remind people how special they are. We tapped some of our favorite creatives to see how they make the holiday unique...
Lilian Asterfield
"I'm a sucker for odds and ends," says Boston-based fashion designer Nicole Deponte. So when she inherited a trash bag full of one-of-a-kind vintage neckties in 2009, what started "as a happy accident"—an experiment with a belt—"grew into...
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