Super Chunk Sweets and Treats
Banish any and all New Years Resolutions. Blue cheese and fig caramels, duck fat toffee, mesquite chocolate chip cookies, bacon caramel corn popcorn and the mysterious-sounding Cowpuncher (a chocolate cocoa cookie topped with a candied jalapeño...
Kinderhook Snacks
After all of the Super Bowl festivities that took place yesterday, many Americans might never want to hear the word "snack" again. This morning, however, we found ourselves munching on triple ginger cookies, spicy and smoky mixed nuts and baked cheese...
Coffeecake Connection
A cup of coffee and a sweet treat is one of life's simple pleasures—and even more so when our gluten-free friends can join in on the fun. The preservative-free and optionally gluten-free classic treats from Coffeecake Connection are the perfect...
Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit
Cookies may not be the most difficult thing you'll bake this holiday season, but alleviate even more stress without turning to pre-made dough with Scratch & Grain's cookie kits. Complete with fool-proof, individually portioned ingredient packets...
Black and Blanco
The Black and Blanco Sandcastle cookies are so rich and buttery, it's hard to believe there's actually no butter in them. There's also no wheat, refined sugars, trans fat, dairy, cholesterol, preservatives, eggs or GMOs. They're inspired by the...
Butter + Love
When it comes to a satisfying treat, simple is almost always best. Alison Walla's small Brooklyn-based baking outfit Butter + Love exemplifies that ideal with her line of shortbread and gingerbread fruit- and herb-infused cookies made from spruced...
Botanical Bakery
After numerous compliments and requests for her lavender shortbread, Sondra Wells decided to take her craft to the next level with Botanical Bakery. Soon, she'll even add Thai chili and gluten-free varieties to the roster of flavors of unusual, buttery...
Poilane Biscuits
On a recent visit to beloved Parisian boulangerie and patisserie Poilane , we scooped up the two newest flavors in their line of savory and sweet biscuits—cherry cookies in the shape of spoons (nicely complimenting their curry forks and shortbread...
Alice's Stick Cookies
Buttery and crumbly, Alice's Stick Cookies are a rich treat that will have you licking your fingers. (We won't say which CH editor poured milk into a bowl of leftover crumbs and ate them like cereal.) The delightful texture and flavor makes the...
Gaufrettes Amusantes
Gaufrettes Amusantes are traditional waffle wafers with a humorous twist. Written in either standard French or in our preferred Northern France's Picard dialect—also called Ch'ti by locals—the funny phrases stamped on each cookie reflect...
La Cocina
San Francisco's La Cocina is an entrepreneurial experiment offering low-income food startups commercial space to develop and cultivate their culinary talents into creating viable products. Creators say this incubator kitchen idea concept comes from...
Chocolate Gourmet
Chicago-based Chocolate Gourmet, the perfect after dinner treat or midday snack, will tickle your tastebuds for an unbelievably mouth-watering experience. We fell in love with their all-natural Chubby Wubby cookie sandwiches a few months ago, and...
Sweet Sweets
From chocolate to hard candy, we all love to taste test the latest in culinary confections. In time for National S'Mores Day (10 August 2010), below we share some of our favorite sweets to snack on. Dufflet Caramel Crackle Winner of the 2009 Sofi...
Goji Berry Cookies
Goji berry cookies feature the antioxidant fighting power of Goji berries, the Chinese fruit famous for its bountiful health benefits. Made by NYC-based Goji Gourmet, a new bakery dedicated to deliciously healthy fare, the dessert incorporates other...
French Madeleines
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We Love Jam: Blenheim Apricot Jam, BBQ Sauce and Biscotti
Like having the best of the best Farmer's Market delivered to your door, California-based We Love Jam hand makes some of the most tantalizing jams, sauces and other treats we've ever tasted and sells them online. Using produce sourced from...
Amai Tea and Bake House
by Karen McGrane A shop combining tea, not-too-sweet baked goods and a love for the serenity of Japanese and French desserts seems like it would be a match for the Cool Hunting palate. Add in the fact that the charming shop got its start from a blog...
Two by Two Biscuits
An elegant update to traditional animal crackers, the adorable Two by Two cookies from Artisan Biscuits are perfect for discerning toddlers and their parents everywhere. The charming shapes of the cookies and package illustrations are inspired...
Caffeine Nation
When a cup of coffee just isn't enough to satisfy your caffeine needs, check out these amped products: Shock Coffee pumps up your joe with supercharged beans that provide an additional 50% increase in caffeine than standard roasted beans. They...
The Green Bakery
This new green bakery, said to be the first of its kind, just re-opened (following a brief preview in November it was closed for additional construction) in New York's East Village. All of the materials used in its construction are green, and...
Crummy Brothers Organic Cookies
Spear tipped us off to these cookies. We buy a lot of cookies. We get sent a lot of cookies. We eat a lot of cookies at CH HQ. But we have never. Never. Tasted cookies like these. These righteous treats are geared for an adult palette. Though you...
Havanna Alfajores Cookies
. I found these Argentinian treats in a coffee shop in Miami and haven't stopped talking about them (and eating them) all week. Made by the well known Havanna brand, the best of the five flavors are the Dulce de Leche, which are coated in meringue...
Dunk Mug
Who doesn't love a little biscuit to dunk in his coffee? Dominic Skinner must because he designed this mug to hold them neatly inside the bottom. He was even smart enough to make right and left handed versions so there's no worry of losing...