Vacancy Studies
Expanding on their expansive installation visualizing the magnitude of the Netherlands' 10,000 empty government buildings at the 2010 Venice biennale, Ronald and Erik Reitveld of RAAAF partnered with a multidisciplinary team at the Sandberg Institute...
Cool Hunting Video: Pizza Moto
If you have meandered through Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, or any other major food-focused event in New York City in the last few years, you may have noticed some funky looking ovens pushing out delicious pizzas. The proprietors of these trailer-based...
Lego Architecture Studio
There's no denying that the Lego Architecture series serves as an excellent excuse for big kids to get their hands on a classic children's toy. Just like those days of Lego Star Fighters; you diligently follow each step, patiently trying not to...
Things Come Apart
Skilled lensman Todd McLellan likes to take things apart. What began as a meticulous photo project is now a book called "Things Come Apart," which showcases his penchant for exploring the myriad components comprising everyday objects as well as his...
Deluxe Leather Tool Bag
Give your favorite handyman a handsome way to tote around only the most essential of tools with Klein Tools' portable tool bag, which is made from extra durable harness leather and features a removable padded shoulder strap.
After a successful launch last year on Kickstarter, the "drinking straw construction game," Linx, is finally available for purchase. The minimalistic and sustainably-made connectors consist of flat four-sided stars that fit into the ends of standard...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: The Maze
While recently exploring the southern coast of the Golden State we ended up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno where artist Albert Reyes gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his yearly Halloween project. Since 2004 Reyes has built a Halloween...
World of Bugs
Adding a "World of Bugs" to their repertoire of lighted construction sets, Laser Pegs continues to entice children with their LED-powered educational toys. With one peg grounded to a power source (either batteries or an AC/DC power adapter), kids...
Urban Shed International Design Competition
by Passa C Protecting pedestrians from both debris and the rain, NYC construction scaffolding is a major part of the urban landscape yet mostly considered an inconvenient eyesore. With nearly 6,000 sheds spanning more than 1 million linear feet throughout...
Levi's Denim Insulation
The Levi's headquarters in San Francisco is currently under renovation and while there are many changes and improvements in the works, an innovation that caught our attention was the use of recycled denim for building insulation. Levi's first endeavor...
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture: Mod.Fab
by Kelsey Keith Students at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Arizona have developed a new prototype for a desert home, injecting modern day pre-fabricated construction methods into the prairie ethos of the 20th century architect. Though...
Northern Sky Circle x Molo Design
Today's wintery mix in New York has us thinking we're over snow. However, Molo Design studio's installation, Northern Sky Circle—created for Freeze Project in Alaska—will have you happily gathering with friends in this ephemeral...
Peter Eisenman: City of Culture
If one were to gaze off into the ancient hills of Santiago de Compostela, their eye might be snared on a large interruption. Architect Peter Eisenman's brand-new City of Culture complex is currently in the heat of construction and sticks out like...
Cascadia Living Building Challenge and Leader Program
by Russ Lowe Moving beyond the once revolutionary LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) scope of strategies and requirements for building green, Cascadia, the Northwest chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council's Living Building...
Vintage Tools
A well-made tool can last a lifetime, and it's often true that they just don't make them like they used to these days. The cleverly named Mantiques carries quality antique tools from well-known brands like Stanley, Bailey and Millers Falls...
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