Scott Thrift's Today Clock
Designer Scott Thrift has been reimagining the way we convey and perceive time for years now. In 2012, he released ThePresent: a wall clock with a colorwheel face that represents all 365 days of the year. ThePresent's dial reflects the changing...
Translating Sound To Color: Tim Bavington
Drawing inspiration from the neon mania of surrounding Las Vegas, NV, artist Tim Bavington does't shy away from bold colors. Combining his artistic prowess with his love of music, Bavington invented a color-coded chord wheel that lets him translate...
Gone Camping Pop-Up Restaurant, London
There are few times that food tastes as good as it does when eaten outdoors by a campfire—even the most charred hotdog somehow becomes delicious when enjoyed in the wild. With summer still far too many months away, Londoners can at least recapture...
Crown Jewels
Rising Dutch designer Lex Pott explores real value versus nominal value with these Crown Jewel rings. Each is constructed from a coin reduced to its outside diameter, forever altering its original form and worth.
The 10th Anniversary of Kartell's Bourgie Lamp
Kartell is taking the 10th anniversary of its famed Bourgie Lamp, the classical baroque silhouette preserved ironically in plastic designed by Ferruccio Laviani, quite seriously. Earlier this year, the Italian brand tapped 14 international design...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 22
John Baldessari, the prolific visual artist and living legend hailing from southern California, has left nary a medium untouched—painting, photography, printmaking, video, sculpture, installation and more—in his quest to find beauty, drama and art...
Kartell Goes Bourgie
Bourgie is certainly one of the most recognizable lamps of the last decade—as well as one of the best sellers for famed Italian brand, Kartell. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, its baroque allure masterfully meets the simplicity of a pure outline...
Perspective Clocks
Tel Aviv-based Studio Ve is comprised of Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, two young men who like exploring objects and their conception—whether it's a Two Leg Table or a Toast-ER that "revives" sad bread. More recently they've been experimenting with...
Inspired by Alchemy
by Stefano Caggiano Design is all about making things more than they are initially—more efficient, more beautiful, more meaningful. In their work in improving reality, designers take care of all dimensions, from the functional, material ones to...
Exploring the mind-bending question, "What does contemporary actually mean?" The MIT Press book, "Time," explores how we measure minutes. If clock time is but a construct of capitalist structure, how else can we examine this abstract concept? Essays...
Interview: Adam Broomberg
Photography isn't a practice that's conducive to duos; in fact, from a more general perspective, most contemporary visual artists are solitary figures. Thus, the story of duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin is a slightly peculiar yet significant...
The typically reserved musician Aaron Jerome—better known as UK producer SBTRKT—bared a bit of himself this week with the surprise Twitter revealing of "IMO." The unmixed and unmastered song is from new album recordings, and was posted in memory of...
C-Brand: Wired For Games
The Guardian gave readers a chance to hear what is likely a future classic with a Soundcloud preview of the newly released album Wise Up Ghost from Elvis Costello and the Roots. The legendary English singer's croaky voice has been superbly paired with...
Pusha T: Nosetalgia (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
While in London this week, we caught up with NTS radio host and DJ MarshMeLLo, who put us onto the obscure 1982 soul song "Wired For Games" from Detroit group C-Brand. An ideal Thursday groove, the track has all the makings for winding down the work...
Elvis Costello and the Roots: Wise Up Ghost
Published every Sunday, ListenUp takes a deeper look at the music we tweeted about that week. Often we'll include a musician or notable fan's surprising personal interests—#PrivateJam exposes their musical guilty pleasure.
Kwes: 36
Originally catching our eye in '09 when he teamed up with Micachu for an outstanding mixtape (shortly before our video with the experimental artist), young British musician Kwes has been quietly carving out a name for himself with his beautifully soothing...
SBTRKT: IMO The typically reserved musician Aaron Jerome—better known as UK producer SBTRKT—bared a bit of himself this week with the surprise Twitter revealing of "IMO." The unmixed and unmastered song is from new album recordings, and was posted...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 20
San Francisco-based conceptual publication The Thing Quarterly commissions artists, writers and other creative types to create a useful everyday object that incorporates text, sending epistolary shower curtains, onion cutting boards and more to...
Pillow by Snarkitecture
Founded by architect Alex Mustonen and contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, design firm Snarkitecture has a history of making work from the unexpected. Their latest product, a resting dock for your iPhone aptly dubbed Pillow, continues along this...
Vanity Faith: Preachin' Ain't Easy
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi The move to marry modernity with sacred symbols is gaining momentum in both religious and design circles. This démarche has been a welcomed challenge for design collective Greece Is For Lovers (GIFL), as it calls for interpreting...
"Design Feeling" and Neo-Transitional Objects
by Stefano Caggiano Everyday objects shape our lives into cognitive patterns. Often, however, these objects are ill-designed. Design thinking is then called in to untangle the not-always-coherent running of our object-related routines. However important...
Tender Lotto by Seth Kinmont
Part of the New Museum's 2013 Ideas City Festival, Seth Kinmont’s new project, Tender Lotto, explores the concept of value and the creation of it. Rather than just a sculpture to be viewed, Tender Lotto is an artwork to be experienced and involved...
Craig Green
Having graduated from Central St Martins School with his MA in February 2012, Craig Green is relatively new to the fashion design scene, but his already definite style has captured the attention of critics—as well as ours when we discovered his...
Echoes of Voices in the High Towers
The first comprehensive look at the brilliant British artist Robert Montgomery, this three-part publication features his profoundly poignant works in a format you could also hang on your wall.
The Humping Pact
Artistic works addressing the relationship between the human body and its environment are not a new concept. The Berlin-based duo behind "The Humping Pact" fit into this tradition while establishing new methods to distinguish itself from past attempts...
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