Keys To Go Portable Keyboard
Regardless of how fast any phone or tablet user can type on a touchscreen, there's nothing like a full keyboard. This slender, portable set—available in a variety of colors—wirelessly pairs with anything iOS. But its added features, from a soft-to...
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100
While other portable scanners with great digital functionality have come before it, Fujitsu's new ScanSnap S1100 adds some key features that put it a cut above for business use. The PC and Mac compatible device, designed for the traveling professional...
Doxie's new USB-powered device simplifies the oft-tedious task of scanning photos or documents with its easy setup and an intelligible Internet integration. The small, portable machine works in black and white, grayscale or color and processes...
Skimmer: Social Aggregation by Fallon and Sierra Bravo
With so many ways to stay socially connected these days it's difficult to keep track of it all. The new Adobe AIR application Skimmer sorts this problem out with its clean, minimal interface that conveniently aggregates Facebook, Twitter, Flickr...
Staton Uberstand Laptop Stand
Thanks in part to laptop stands like this two-tiered one by Staton, the days of lugging around crates of vinyl are slowly fading as DJs trade their decks in for laptop setups. Although we're the first to argue that nothing quite compares to a...
Backblaze Online Backup: Mac Beta Access
Perhaps the most intuitive backup solution on the market, Backblaze launched last September as an online data storage center emphasizing simplicity at a reasonable—if perpetual—price. While initially drawing ease-of-use comparisons to...
Tâke Personal Pocket Safe
One problem that comes with the internet's high level of data fluidity is how to keep your most private information private. Black Box Innovations attempts to ameliorate the issue with the Tâke Personal Pocket Safe. What appears to be an...
Whether the standard wallpaper options (picture of your pet, swirly thing) bore you or you just like having a global perspective, Earthdesk takes your desktop to the next level by making it into a constantly updated view of the earth. The app uses...
Jed's Other Poem Video
With the dawn of the future just days away (yeah, I'm talking about the iPhone), I couldn't have discovered this interesting lo-fi music video at a more perfect time. Programmed entirely in Applesoft II on a vintage 1979 Apple ][+ with 48K...
Mac OS X Leopard
At Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference today, Steve Jobs showed off several new features in Leopard, the forthcoming release of Mac OS X, including a new, clean look for the desktop and Finder. Taking its design cues from recent versions...
Logisys Optical Finger Mouse
Strap this optical mouse made by Logisys onto your index finger and use the 800 dpi laser on any media (except reflective glass surfaces) to easily control the cursor. The desk, keyboard, wall, even your own clothes will work as a functioning surface...
The Freeman PC Museum Collection now on eBay
The Freeman PC Museum Collection is de-accessioning their impressive collection of personal computers—more than 440 computers (and their peripherals, manuals, software, etc.) covering the last thirty years of personal computing. Probably the...
Apple Mighty Mouse
Aside from a mobile phone, there isn't anything I've waited longer for Apple to make. The Mighty Mouse is a programmable 5 button mouse with a scroll ball instead of a scroll wheel. The ball allows for vertical and horizontal scrolling...
Optimus Keyboard
The Optimus Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that features small color displays on each key that display the function for the currently active application. Above you can see (left to right) english characters, Photoshop functions and Quake shortcuts...
The new book Retro-Electro is a primer to the slew of outmoded devices left in the wake of tech’s breakneck progress over the last four decades. With photos, brief descriptions, history, and pricing info, it’...
Nokia 770
Today Nokia announced a new gadget that isn't a phone at all. The new 770 device is being dubbed an Internet Tablet because its primary purpose is to be an in-home, instant-on web browser and email client. It will have Bluetooth and WiFi for accessing...
Mini Mate
The Mac Mini has such great potential to be a home media hub, but the hard drive options it ships with are not very well suited to such use. Apparently upgrading to a higher capacity internal drive isn't much of an option either because they...
Hot Choz
French designer David L'Hôte seems to be just as fed up with wires as I am. Centfils (translating to something like 100 wires) is a series of design concepts that address the increasingly problematic proliferation of electrical wires. From...
GDC: Will Wright's Spore
s basically how it goes. More after the jump...
Keyboard Jewlery
Someone raided the dumpsters for old broken keyboards and found a good use for them. This custom made keyboard jewelry is made from classic original keyboard and typewriter parts. The designer has made rings, earrings, buttons, and there is even a...
iPod Shuffle and Mac mini
If my site happens to be your first stop after crawling out from under a rock, I'm pleased to let you know that much earlier today Apple announced a few new things. In the software category comes iLife 05 and iWork featuring lots of updates and...
The Oculas 2.0
Isn't it great when those gorgeous concept pieces we see in cult classics like The Oculas. Updates include a motorized door, Dolby 5.1 sound delivered through Harmon Kardon speakers and fully integrated Second Life.
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