The Prospectives Serial Story Instagram
A few years into the onset of Instagram as part of social media users' everyday lives, and still new ideas and expanded creative usage abound. With The Prospectives, a serial illustrated tale published online every Sunday, writer Adam Hurly and...
Climate Changed
Visual learners, rejoice. French artist and journalist Philippe Squarzoni—known for his celebrated non-fiction, graphic novel-style works on politics and human rights—lends his eye and storytelling panache to an extensive work on one of the world...
2014 Drawing Now Paris
The eighth edition of Drawing Now Paris, the art fair dedicated to contemporary illustration, proved that drawing is not dead and, furthermore, showed that the medium is sprawling and verging into other forms of visual art. Evolving to include 3D objects...
Lazy Oaf + Garfield Summer '14 Collection
Before Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation and a meme standard, Garfield (created by American cartoonist Jim Davis) starred in feature films, garnered multiple Emmys, broke a Guinness World Record for most widely syndicated comic strip and won...
Snowpiercer: The Escape
The 1982 French sci-fi comic "Le Transperceneige" would have remained in obscurity had film director Bong Joon-Ho not walked into a comic book shop in Seoul and devoured all three volumes in the store. Nobody could blame him. Within the black-and...
Goodnight iPad
Although research suggests that viewing screens before bedtime may tinker with chemicals in the brain that promote a good night's rest, studies also show we all regularly do this pre-slumber activity. Based on the classic, "Good Night Moon," the humorous...
Y-Front Mouse
Oh how the mighty have fallen. In the glorious 1980s, Y-Front Mouse soared to superstardom with his catchy jingles, TV and radio shows. Three decades later, fame has done him in. The beloved rodent is reduced to a sad alcoholic living alone in a pub...
Interview: Corinne Maier
Corinne Maier—a French psychoanalyst with a background in economics and international relations from the prestigious Sciences-Po in Paris—also happens to be a best-selling author. Out of the 15 or so already under her belt, her two most...
Two Crowd-Sourced Contests
One surefire way to inject some inspiration into a project is by opening up the objective to the world at large. We were pleased to see crowd-sourcing contests by two very different artistic enterprises—Marvel Comics and Shepard Fairey for the LA...
Gonzo: A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson
Illustrator Anthony Hope-Smith adds graphic appeal to Will Bingley's captivating look at the legendary American writer Hunter S. Thompson and his notorious Gonzo style.
Comics Sketchbooks
"Looking through artists' sketchbooks is like viewing those artists naked through a picture window. With 20-20 eyesight or high-powered binoculars you'll see everything: warts, blemishes and all." So begins the introduction for Steven Heller's latest...
My American Summer
Jon Burgerman is as easily distracted as he is a talented and obsessive doodler. Fortunately, his humorous ruminations recently made their way from his sketchbook to the printed page in a new self-published book called "My American Summer". The...
After the Barbarians
Controversial Cape Town artist and Bitterkomix co-founder Anton Kannemeyer creates satirical socio-political comics to highlight the absurd aspects of South Africa's post-apartheid culture. In "After The Barbarians," his second solo show at NYC...
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