Bespoke Perfume
Born from the belief that scent is intensely personal, NYC-based Tramuntana makes entirely one-of-a-kind fragrances using the purest oils and essences. Based on a questionnaire and conversations (in-person or not) with a representative, a perfume is...
Tacit Eau de Parfum
Finding a scent that expresses who you are without beating passers-by over the head can be quite a challenge. Tacit, the first scent from Aesop since their debut fragrance Marrakech (and its re-vamped version Marrakech Intense), offers a clean, grounded...
The White Line Fragrance Collection by Odin New York
Though Odin New York is often touted as a men's lifestyle boutique, the brand is inching toward the androgynous. This is especially apparent in the cult following of its fragrances, which have developed a unisex fan base despite most often landing...
Marrakech Intense Fragrance
Move over patchouli, this intensely musky scent delivers a potent dose of clove, jasmine, and orange that will satisfy any haute hippie’s nose. Developed with the help of French perfumer Barnabé Fillion, the oil-based unisex fragrance takes its narrative...
Diesel Playlists
Advertorial content: A good scent transports you—like a good playlist—to a better state of mind. Taking Diesel's Loverdose, Only the Brave and Fuel for Life fragrances as inspiration, we gathered together some of our favorite tracks from recent memory...
Diesel Summer Cultural Calendar
Advertorial content: Scents are built with an occasion in mind. From the shores of a Croatian beach music festival to ringside at a Muay Thai match on the Hudson River, your perfume is meant to prepare you for the next adventure. In that spirit, we...
The Contemporary Eau by Thirdman
Mystery swathes the fragrance brand Thirdman. Founded by Jean-Christophe le Greves in New York in 2012, their four scents are made in collaboration with some of the world's most noteworthy perfumers: Jean-Marc Chaillan, Bruno Jovanovic and Clement...
Diesel Tips for Living Well
Advertorial content: The kind of scent you wear says a lot about you, and even more about who you want to be. Are you a trailblazing explorer wafting of anise Fuel for Life, a Loverdose seductress or a leather-scented man of the Only the Brave world...
Juniper Ridge
Using old world techniques to extract and condense naturally occurring oils from wild plants, Juniper Ridge makes a variety of soaps, perfumes, incense and other amazingly fragrant products with a uniquely transformative quality. Made entirely from...
Beard Oil
As the fashion of rugged refinement grips the menswear scene, grooming products have had to accommodate a curious new cosmetic—beard oil. Part cologne, part conditioner, the oil has become steadily more common as an alternative to cream-based...
Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo
Exploring another form of signature for the body, the new Diesel fragrance, Only the Brave Tattoo, treats the skin as a true, basic and raw material to express one's identity. Only the Brave finds inspiration in the deeply rooted tradition of marking...
Diesel "Only the Brave Tattoo" Gallery
Advertorial content: To commemorate the release of their new fragrance, Only The Brave Tattoo, Diesel invites the worldwide community of inked individuals to share their unique body art and the story behind their tattoo. Launching today, the Only...