700 Nimes Road: An "Indirect Portrait" of Elizabeth Taylor
Including 129 full-color photographs by fine artist Catherine Opie, "700 Nimes Road" is a thoughtful, yet poignant exploration of Elizabeth Taylor's home (her "private sanctuary") and possessions at her Bel Air, Los Angeles address. While the concept...
Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector
The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists...
Do Not Sell At Any Price
Music journalist Amanda Petrusich digs into the world of collecting the shellacked, 10-inch obscurities in her book, "Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records." Her in-depth but personal tome takes a look...
2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed
There are car shows, and then there's Goodwood Festival of Speed, held each year in West Sussex, England. Everything from rare, vintage and outright odd vehicles are put on display. Then there are the high-performance supercars and Formula One racers...
The Recurrent, Haunting Ghost: Essays on the Art, Life and Legacy of Marcel Duchamp
Self-dubbed “the end of an obsession” by author and devoted art dealer Francis Naumann, this book of essays and articles on Marcel Duchamp is scholarly tour de force, taking readers through the major works and themes of his life.
"At Home I'm A Tourist"
For most of us, collecting toys is a hobby that can consume our youth, holding the excitement of adding to our bounty, finding the next big thing or forging relationships with other collectors. Few carry the pursuit into adulthood, becoming supercollectors...
Dallas Art
A recent invitation to the Dallas Art Fair piqued our interest initially by the range of 78 participating galleries and artists like Erwin Wurm bringing his "Beauty Business" from the Bass Museum in Miami, and Zoe Crosher creating a site-specific installation...
Union Wood Co.
Inspired by the nostalgia of old wooden docks, mills and factories that once thrived in Vancouver, Union Wood Co.'s recently opened shop in the city's developing Downtown-Eastside community is a haven for those who covet vintage, repurposed and...
Bureau of Trade
It all started with a search for a pair of whalebones—two of them, between five and seven feet in length—to be mounted on a wall. Michael Moskowitz wanted to display the rare pieces to spark discussion of conservationist efforts, but...
Recession Art at Culturefix
Sensitive to the cash-strapped culture lovers of the world, Recession Art began with the simple premise of uniting aspiring collectors with emerging artists. After three years of shows at Brooklyn's Invisible Dog, they have now opened RAC on New...
George Kravis
Sponsored content: A consummate collector for more than a decade, George Kravis has cultivated one of the preeminent art collections of industrial design. "I've always been interested in anything with a cord, a plug, a battery or a light," states...
Stamps of Approval
Philanthropic art collector George R. Kravis II has a penchant for "almost anything with a motor, light, cord or battery." The former radio head's passion for industrial design has led him to amass thousands of objects. Some he used over the years...