In the Heart of Cognac, Hennessy
When was the last time you had cognac? We ask this because, as with many other brown spirits, cognac consumption is on the rise in America. Perhaps it was in a classic cocktail—a Sidecar or a Sazerac or even an Alexander. Maybe one was savoring it...
Etched Globe Spirits Decanter
Nothing showcases the hue of an aged spirit quite like a decanter. Whether one wants to show off cognac, scotch or rum, the etched globe decanter from Bourbon & Boots delivers a worldly, refined aesthetic. It's composed of lead-free, heat-resistant...
Interview: Artist Ryan McGinness on Designing for Hennessy
Despite the fact that he works across multiple artistic mediums, it's very easy to discern the work of NYC-based artist Ryan McGinness. In addition to his iconic symbol-driven body of work, his experimental Instagram and the depths of his oftentimes...
Hennessy Black Brunch Martini
While Hennessy might be a recognizable brand, many of us aren't aware of the cognac's nuances—or remain wary of cognac in general due to a lack of understanding. On a recent summer afternoon, the team at CH learned that Hennessy Black (which launched...
Hennessy Black Flor de Jamaica Cocktail
There's immediate brand recognition when people hear the name Hennessy. For many generations, the brand has been associated with a refined sipping experience. Yet not everybody is aware that Hennessy is a cognac—and that cognac is a region-specific...
Tesseron Cognac
It comes as no surprise that Tesseron Cognac—with its family lineage at the pinnacle of winemaking—is among the more graceful and interesting offerings in the world of brandy. Alfred Tesseron is the current director of the stunning estate in the...
Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition
by Emily Arden Wells Former cellar master George Clot said, “When you discover Louis XIII, you become a different man,” an adage that only scratches at the surface of the legacy of Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII cognac. Louis XIII was first created in...
1800 Milenio
First produced in limited quantities back in 2000, 1800 Tequila's Milenio is now returning to shelves in a second edition of their wildly successful super-premium tequila. Fine Blue Weber Agave undergoes an extensive extra-aging process before further...
Louis XIII "Le Jeroboam" Auction
The landscape has changed when it comes to the exclusivity of luxury brands, and with a label like Rémy Martin, it's easy to become distracted by the hype that rap moguls and film directors shower on the venerable cognac. While the brand caters...