Bang Bang Bang T-Shirt
"Wear what you care about." Each Prinkshop piece has a purpose, from supporting Planned Parenthood to empowering those suffering from addiction. The "Ban(g) Ban(g) Ban(g)" T-shirt ($35) benefits Everytown, an organization that's committed to ending...
Pocket Dial
Teaming up with “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, J Crew has released a quirky new accessory called the Pocket Dial—and all proceeds go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which protects Africa's elephants. Combining practicality with a little...
The Year of Indigo Bandana
Dedicated to the centuries-old practice of Sukumo indigo-dyeing, this bandana by Japan-based brand Buaisou depicts the very process by which it’s made. Each of the 100% cotton bandanas are hand-sewn and hand-dyed by Bouaisou, who promises ethical farming...
Olderbrother's AW15 Collection: "Enthusiasm and Naps"
by Adrienne So Olderbrother, the new clothing line started by Portland, Oregon-based designer Bobby Bonaparte and LA-based Max Kingery, has a whimsical, minimalist aesthetic that is partly influenced by the duo's fascination with Japanese design...
Chag-A-Lug Bandana
Kapital’s love for eccentric Japanese style is more apparent than ever in their “Chag-A-Lug” bandana. They’ve dug into the history books for inspiration and came back with a risqué idea to depict the practice of “night crawling”—where young lovers...
Haori Kimono
Inspired by the unique genre of Japanese “pink films,” Floor du Mal has updated one of Japan’s most traditional outfits for super-comfy lounging. Their 100% silk Haori Kimono bears peachy chrysanthemum flowers amidst a rich teal background, and features...
Gorman + Camille Walala Collaboration
Talented East London-based artist (and CH favorite) Camille Walala has just teamed up with another brand, for yet another colorful and spirited collaboration. This time, Walala has joined forces with Australian clothing label, Gorman—founded in...
Fluffy Sweater
For those avoiding the "Sexy Potato" costumes or fake blood but still want to get into the Halloween spirit, Lazy Oaf's Casper collection is full of sweet yet spooky options. Our pick is the fluffy, powder pink sweater—which features the adorable ghost...
Untitled T-Shirt
Danish type foundry Playtype takes their unique, custom-made typefaces beyond just computer screens and stationery. They're silently permeating the physical world with bold statements through personalized lightboxes, laptop sleeves and even skateboards...
Touch Me and Die Sweater
At first glance, MadeMe's cropped, striped turtleneck is super-cute, but don't be fooled—the patch reads "Touch Me and Die." Made from a cotton and viscose blend, the sweater channels the '90s, Mondays and most women's sentiments perfectly.
Eight Unexpected Ways to Wear Camo
Whether it's an abstract take on the classic pattern or a bright colorway, flashy fabric or unexpected texture, there are plenty of non-traditional ways to wear camouflage—for all genders. Inspired by nature and adopted by military uniforms, camouflage...
Cincinnati-based artist and designer Andrew Neyer creates a witty, self-explanatory Sweatshirt™. Tell it like it is in six different colors.
Pauline van Dongen
Wearable technology is so more than just watches and wristbands—and Pauline van Dongen is seeing to that. In fact, the Dutch designer goes so far as employing photovoltaic sciences and solar energy in the materials of her future-forward clothing, all...
Wearable "Artist Statements"
Ohio-born contemporary artist Jenny Holzer started out in abstract painting but later moved into conceptual art—using words as her medium of choice. She finds her inspiration from past historical events and current political relations, which encourage...
Annie Larson + Print All Over Me
Brooklyn-based Annie Larson's ALL Knitwear line has become much-loved for its high-contrast colors and chaos of patterns. Each sweater is made to order by Larson herself, on her knitting machine. For those who can't wait until fall or winter to...
Fabric-Focused Womenswear by Zii Ropa
Since moving to Mexico three and half years ago, Vancouver native Bridget Tidey has started her own unique clothing line Zii Ropa. Founded just last year, the brand's aesthetic is comfortable yet flattering, durable yet sophisticated and is "inspired...
New Albion Sports
Born out of a group email chain dedicated to the NBA (which is 30,000 emails deep, so far) is the new label and sports website, New Albion. Created by four friends—Marc Hendrick, Alex Vitlin, Felix Chan and James Wright—who are located across LA...
Caban Victoire Raincoat
Made from clear polyurethane, this double-breasted caban raincoat from Paris-based Wanda Nylon is a good way to stay cheerful when the moody skies are offering nothing but seemingly never-ending spring showers. The multi-colored details are made from...
Founded by former skater Matteo Rancilio, Dictionary opened in 2011 and very quickly became a point of reference for emerging, high quality streetwear. Italian, Japanese, Korean and European brands are the focal point for the Milanese store, which...
New Caps from Ciele Athletics
It's never been easier to dress well when working out. The rise of athletic-to-casual crossover clothing (dubbed by some as "athleisure") means comfort, style, function and performance can all come in one garment. Now that Flyknits and fashion sweats...
Interview: Paul O'Neill of Levi's Vintage Clothing
As the originator of the classic American blue jean, Levi's is a brand built on quality and function with a steady vision of the past, present and future of apparel. Though our sights are most often focused forward, towards the latest in innovation...
Unwashed Denim Raw Bomber Jacket
For many, it's during their college years when an interest in design and fashion is discovered. For New York's Will Berman—who we met at our 2013 Pitch Night—the passion took root at a much younger age; at 15 he started his own label, Unwashed Denim...
Patta + Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection
This year marks a decade since Dutch streetwear emporium Patta first opened its doors in Amsterdam. Timed perfectly to celebrate the anniversary, the company recently teamed up with fellow streetwear heavy hitter, Carhartt Work in Progress—the more...
NASA Astronaut Flight Suit
For those of us who haven't yet abandoned our dreams of one day hurtling toward the stars, Alpha Industries' replica NASA astronaut suit is a step closer to the heavens. Whether you're looking for a party costume or just want to jazz things up on a...
Custom Women's Shirts by Double R
In the world of menswear, customization and tailoring are commonplace. Yet, when looking for bespoke women’s wear, it is hard to find a designer that doesn’t fall within the prohibitively expensive category of couture. This is where Double R, a new...
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