Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind
"Spring cleaning" goes further than vacuum storage, packing away winter clothes, dropping off boxes at Goodwill and half-hearted dusting. The transition between seasons is a particularly ripe time for re-evaluating things beyond your closet space—like...
Nightcap Decaf
The friendly team behind Seattle's Slate Coffee are dedicated to "the elevation of coffee culture." Their methodical and minimalist approach allows the carefully selected beans to really shine. A bag of their decaf beans let's you enjoy all of the...
Green & Spring
UK-based skin, body and haircare line Green & Spring employs a simple philosophy for their packaging design: let the ingredients speak for themselves. Listed in full on the front of the bottles and containers alongside lovely illustrations of pastel...
3x1 Denim Solution
Scott Morrison's SoHo store 3x1 is a denim-lover's dream, allowing shoppers to create their own pair of bespoke jeans, or customize a limited edition pair from one of their existing patterns. We interviewed Morrison last summer when the store opened...
The issue of aluminum-based, fragrance-added deodorant poses a problem for those with allergies or sensitivity, or anyone averse to the chemicals required to fight sweat and odor. If we still lived in a nomadic hunter-gatherer society, our personal...
Ursa Major
Made among the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ursa Major skin care launched in late 2010 to provide men with a healthy and effective alternative to chemical-laden products. By favoring organic over synthetic, Ursa Major promotes a "super natural...
Argan Oil
Of all the natural remedies to be discovered in a traditional Moroccan pharmacy, from amber sticks to ward off bugs to poppy powder to redden lips, argan oil dominates the coveted goods in the Berber arsenal. Often referred to affectionately as liquid...
Binchotan Toothbrush
From water bottle filters to ch'i-balancing bracelets, the natural cleansing power of Binchotan charcoal takes on many forms, but Morihata's "black toothbrush" may be the most useful application yet. The nylon bristles on the polypropylene toothbrush...
Nearly every brand in the cleaning business offers an "eco-friendly" alternative to the harsh chemicals found in conventional disinfectants, but few can make this their main premise and even fewer do it with the discerning standards found at Eco...
Apple's portable devices have become increasingly ubiquitous, with people stockpiling laptops, iPhones and iPods that seem to outnumber the world's available power outlets. The PlugBug by Twelve South—essentially a splitter for the iPad/iPhone...
Ren Micro Polish Cleaner
To help keep skin soft and healthy before winter rolls in, we've been using Ren's Micro Polish Cleanser. The two-in-one formula combines a deep clean with gentle exfoliation to rejuvenate and purify the skin a few times a week, as part of Ren's Radiance...
High & Dry
With the High & Dry dish rack, Black + Blum's architectural artistry transcends humdrum household ware into a harmonious form and function showpiece. Intent on turning "something quite mundane into something spectacular," creative partners, Dan...
Fetching Dog Shampoo
The "people-tested" Fetching Dog Shampoo from Brooklyn-based body care brand Skinny Skinny works on any pup, but was created specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. Comprised of all organic ingredients like rosemary, citronella and ylang ylang...
Boscia Luminizing Black Mask
The preservative-free, luminizing black mask from Boscia purifies skin with a pore-cleansing, peel-off formula. Filled with minerals, extracts, natural clay, vitamins and antiseptics, I like that the recipe mixes the benefits of a more traditional...
IQ Clean
As more and more earth-friendly cleaning products make their way to mainstream grocery store aisles, iQ Clean stands out for their all-natural, environmentally-sustainable formulas that come in equally-virtuous, waste-saving concentrate cartridges...
Skweet Sport Bottle Wash
As global awareness of the benefits of choosing reusable water bottles, a little education on the best way to clean them is in order. Dishwasher heat releases harmful chemicals in some plastics (not to mention melts some of them), and washing by...