Interview: Cadillac's Uwe Ellinghaus
We spend a lot of time with automobile manufacturers because it's an industry going through enormous changes—technology, globalization of product and marketing, and innovation in just about every department. While we tend to focus most of our reporting...
The House of Tai Ping Carpets
In light of the forthcoming "Anthology" collection—which draws from and revitalizes some of Tai Ping's most renowned designs—we met with the company's Global Creative Director, Jean-Pierre Tortil. The brand, which was formed in 1956 and owns its...
All That Dazzles at the Wynn Macau
A visit to Macau, the SAR region of China more widely known as the Las Vegas of the East, isn't complete without having all of the senses overwhelmed at once. And with mega hotel-casino complexes competing with one another to entice new visitors (and...
Word of Mouth: Macau's Small Shops
There's much more to the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau than high rolling and mega-luxury hotels. The peninsula has a unique story, other than being the only Chinese territory where one can legally gamble in a casino: it was formerly...
I:Project Space, Beijing
Over the past 20 years, Chinese contemporary artists have risen to the stage of world’s art scene, and Beijing’s two most popular art districts—798 and Caochangdi, with their world-famous galleries and art studios—have become hot spots for critics...
Global Service Plate (Set of 14)
Designed by RCA grad and UK artist Barnaby Barford as part of Nymphenburg's porcelain collection, the set of 14 Global Service Plates combine to produce a map of the world. Each set is handcrafted by the master artisans at Nymphenburg, the Munich-based...
Hot Chilli Pepper Peanuts 6 Pack
A favorite snack of ours at CH HQ, these spicy Chinese jumbo peanuts from ShanDong are flavored by hot chilli pepper flakes and Szechuan peppercorns.
Neemic: Sustainable Fashion from Beijing
Despite a growing awareness about sustainability, China is not yet one of the places where green ideas come to fruition. In particular, the local fashion industry isn't sensitive toward environmental issues and the textile industry in the south of...
Caicifang: A New Life for Ancient Porcelain
Since the beginning of last century, when the Qing dynasty was in its final years, China had a tradition of recovering old fragments of precious ceramic. In 1902, in the bustling commercial area south of Beijing's Forbidden City, several workshops...
Fashion and Nature in China: Su Guangyu
A renaissance in local traditions and, in turn, the rise of a new contemporary Chinese identity is becoming a key issue among many young creatives living in the capital. When it comes to defining the core features of Chinese style, the link between...
Ai Weiwei: @Large
The throng arrived early and in large groups for the first departure of the day to Alcatraz Island from Pier 33 in San Francisco. After ferry-goers disembarked boat, it was clear who was there to see political dissident Ai Weiwei’s new show, @Large...
Anime-Inspired Art by Mayi Bashou Wang
As early as in the 1920s, China saw the first experiments in the world of manga and animation thanks to the introduction of lithographic printing derived from the West. The later years of political turmoil prevented the new industry from growing...
Beijing Artist Kong Kong Wei
Kong Kong Wei loves drawing. Since childhood, her father encouraged her to pursue the passion—taking her to art exhibitions and covering the walls of their home with scenes from her fairytale world. Her dedication to drawing brought her to study...
Chen Tianzhuo's Picnic
An indolent psychonaut walks onto a stage in a brightly colored outfit and loads his bong with the ritual gestures of a tea master. He puts on a helmet—complete with a weed leaf-shaped halo—and as the bowl burns, a cloud of thick smoke fills the...
Seal Chen's Mixed Media Art
Mixing medias and construction methods with varying themes of religious, historical and moral matter, the work of Shanghai's self-made artist Seal Chen conjures up images of Hieronymus Bosch’s darkest symbolic creatures with a wave of steam-punk...
Studio Visit: Li Ying
Li Ying is a young, Beijing-based sculptor from Hunan province, who's gained increasing attention for her monumental metal artworks—the latest of which mesmerized audiences at a recent CAFA postgraduate exhibition. We visited her studio in Heiqiao...
Kathrin Von Rechenberg's Tea Silk
Tea silk considered one of the most well-preserved gems in Chinese silk craftsmanship. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, this fabric was once considered the most luxurious silk. The '30s became the gilded age for xiangyunsha (the Chinese name for...
THETHING, Streetwear From China
It may be hard to believe, but until around 10 years ago "streetwear" was a rather esoteric word in China, and city kid fashion was limited to a few Western brands known only to those who had the chance to travel abroad. The post '80s generation...
Thingworld: International Triennial of New Media Art
There’s no doubt that China is a fast-growing consumer society, where the accumulation of objects is unprecedented and follows the fast pace of development. A glance at the infamous garbage ring around the capital or the monumental e-wastelands of...
Ren Ri’s Beeswax Sculptures
Artist Ren Ri (who trained at Tsinghua Academy of Art and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia) creates art that is influenced by his childhood—one that occurred amongst the beautiful scenery of Wuhan’s lush vegetation. “Back then, I was spending...
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