Fruit and Vegetable Rattle Set
Knitted from 100% cotton, this set of four fruit and vegetable rattles can provide endless entertainment for any bubula, while also remaining soft and safe for them to toss around. The brightly colored carrot, radish, pear and watermelon toys might...
Sindiso Khumalo Launches Children's Collection
Textile designer Sindiso Khumalo’s bright and bold prints and simple monochrome patterns piqued CH's interest some time ago, and in 2015 we met the South African designer at Design Indaba and later got a tour of her London studio. Now, the designer...
Florasaurus Printed Jersey Tunic
With a 100% cotton outer and lining, Boden's adorable smock dress for kids is fully machine washable—an important asset when considering mud pies, finger-painting and various other super-fun and super-messy kids' activities. In a classic shape and...
Link About It: This Week's Pick
1. Harper Lee, Author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Has Died Few works of fiction have carried as much of a resounding impact as Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Beyond its commercial success, the book introduced an array of beloved characters...
Mix + Match Animal Toys
These three-piece set of animal toys encourage children to learn, but also explore their own imaginations and storytelling skills. A giraffe, lion and elephant can become an elliaffe or giraliphant or whatever they'd like, thanks to interchangeable...
Smiley Face Socks
Made from a comfort-forward blend of cotton, polyester and spandex, these cute kids' socks form a smiley face when put together. Available in peach or yellow colorways, the two size options aim to fit children aged between two and five years old. They...
The Daub Creative Workbook
When David Bennett’s son had to stay at the King’s College Hospital in London back in 2013, the British branding agency director began thinking about how he and others in the creative industry could help children admitted to hospital wards, and...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Imaginative Kids
The most charming thing about childhood, once you've passed beyond it, is how boundless it seems. There is no dream that seems unreasonable or unrealistic, all your wildest ones—whether it's riding on the back of a unicorn or traveling through time...
Dinosaur Pajamas
Surely encouraging plenty of dreams about prehistoric adventures or perhaps a keen interest in the Brontosaurus, these bright green dinosaur pajamas from Bedhead are for all genders. Crafted from a cotton and spandex blend, the set offers plenty of...
Handmade Nesting Dolls
Containing five different animals—including a lion, monkey and more—these handmade nesting dolls will encourage kids' imaginary jungle adventures. The cute characters are not only fun for play time, but also make for charming decor in little ones...
Godzilla Skateboard
In an attempt to share the original, rebellious spirit of skateboarding with a younger generation, graffiti writer and European skateboard industry veteran Dave the Chimp worked with Solid Skateboards to make a fun collection of decks for kids. This...
ArtShack Brooklyn
Encouraging kids to put down their phones and get creative, Brooklyn-based program ArtShack extends elementary learning outside of the classroom. The after-school program, founded by artist and educator McKendree Key and product designer Dany Rose...
Australian Rules Football
A true "one-eyed" supporter of Australian Rules football is an unflinching, unwavering champion of their team—even if they are the biggest losers in the league. Melbourne-based store Doomsday has created, with Sherrin (who have been making footballs...
Mini Banjo
For the young and the young at heart, there's nothing as magical as a song—or simply making a racket. Do both with this cute, bright red mini banjo from Poketo. Little ones can develop their motor skills on the four-stringed instrument, while grown...
Toy Soap Bar
As a fun way to encourage their son to wash his hands before meals, Swedish couple Niklas Lagström and Marina Nilsson started "hiding" his toys in transparent soap bars. Handmade in Sweden, using vegetable based glycerin, Happy Soap is free of SLS...
Gradient Puzzle
Artist and graphic designer Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle is a feast for the eyes and a true challenge for the brain. Made using thick stock and high-quality paper, the pieces won't fall apart—no matter how many times to try to make a piece fit. This...
Gallop Mini Blanket
Created by East London-based Donna Wilson, this adorable baby blanket (measuring 100cm by 68cm) is made from super-warm 100% lambswool and is knitted in Scotland. The blanket is available in three gender-neutral colorways and covered in horses, deer...
Olga Metallic Teepee
Wolfum's eye-catching printed textiles and wallpaper are created with sustainability in mind, from fabric made of recycled PET bottles combined with organic cotton. All made in the USA, this black and gold teepee reaches six feet tall and becomes a...
CH25: Vanessa Newman
Vanessa Newman's start-up Butch Baby & Co. is the first-ever “alternity-wear” company for the those expecting bundles of joy. Because Newman understands that carrying a child isn't as stereotypically feminine as it used to be, and while hormones...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Pampers' Latest Ad Captures Babies' Poop-Faces There’s almost nothing more endearing than a cute baby video, and nothing gets people laughing more than a poop joke. London-based ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi brilliantly combined the two for a...
Vanessa Newman
It's hard to believe that the oft-told story of meeting a best friend was the impetus behind something as radical as Vanessa Newman's ButchBaby—the first-ever “alternity-wear” company for the those expecting. It caters to people who are bearing children...
Munari's Books
20th century Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) left his legacy in many different forms—from sculptures, paintings, design furniture and objects, films, photographs to even poetry—but it was his experiments in book-objects for children and...
Noshi Edible Food Paint for Kids
As a parent, it can be an endless struggle to get kids settled and fed at mealtime. All kids seem to want to do is play, which is why the team behind Noshi (Tomo Delaney and Pegi Gorelick) has come up with a way to trick kids into eating their...
Oscar Baby Blanket
Designed by Australian homeware duo Kate and Kate, the Oscar blanket is entirely free from any harmful substances—so you can feel comfortable bundling up little treasures in the 100% cotton creations. The fabric is cozy and breathable, and the bold...
Bear Wrapping Paper
Donna Wilson has been the definition of cute since releasing her peculiar knitted creatures into the world in 2003. Her bear-print wrapping paper makes opening a gift even more of a delight.
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