Baz Luhrmann + Dustin Yellin Create Ruinart Champagne-Inspired Works
Among champagne experts, Ruinart is known as the Parisian's drink of choice. The reason for this extends beyond their extensive history and iconic underground caves and pertains more to thoughtful effervescence and reliable, luxuriant flavor profiles...
Moët & Chandon's Dazzling MCIII Release
Acclaimed champagne houses do not release a new product lightly—let alone a heritage brand with over 270 years of winemaking savoir-faire and global brand awareness like Moët & Chandon. And yet, they've just added something to their roster that...
Decoding Dom Pérignon in Hautvillers, France
On the third day of Dom Pérignon's annual grape harvest, we joined the team in the pinot noir fields of Ay, in the heart of France's celebrated Champagne region and toured their medieval abbey grounds in Hautvillers. This was the second stage of their...
29 Snacks by Ferran Adrià
For 10 years, Ferran Adrià's restaurant elBulli carried the most commanding reputation for food expression and innovation. While its doors closed in 2011, the restaurant's visionary chef has applied his intellect and curiosity toward the development...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Happy Birthday Hubble Today, 24 April 2015, the Hubble Telescope turns 25 years old. During its quarter-century, the Hubble has produced an incredible array of now iconic images, including the famous Hubble Deep Field—where the telescope aimed...
Eight Superb Rosé Wines for Spring
With the announcement of Quin Candy's Rosé Gumdrops it dawned on us that we are once again returning to the season of celebratory pink wines. While the reputation of rosé was all but destroyed during the White Zinfandel heyday, it's been on the rise...
Pairing Krug Champagne and Music
Often when champagne pairings are discussed or enjoyed, the complementary partner is food, with an end game of flavors mingling and aromas matching up. The tastebuds are the target audience. While that makes sense, within the context of one of our...
Eight Sexy Valentine's Day Cocktails
While making no promises about love potions or secret tonics, what we can guarantee is the quality of taste in the following eight drinks. Made with care and concern, they exemplify many ideals surrounding the holiday of love: spice, smoke and flavor...
100 Points Champagne Glasses
A collaboration with esteemed wine critic James Suckling and world renowned crystal maker Lalique, these glasses are made with the intention of serving champagne by the best means possible. Designed in a neo-classical style with engraved ribbing in...
Interview: Iris van Herpen
At just 30 years old, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has already turned the fashion world on its head with her wildly futuristic approach to haute couture. Her unique interdisciplinary take on fashion has gained the admiration of notable style pioneers...
GH Mumm Champagne: A Legacy of Victory
Just 80 miles from the tourist hordes of Paris lies the quaint yet unassumingly productive city of Reims. In the heart of the Champagne region, the city serves as the unofficial capital of the surrounding vineyards and the revered beverages they...
Dom Pérignon's 1998 Second Plénitude
At the foot of a remote ice-capped volcano in Southern Iceland—accessible only by a specially equipped SUV or helicopter—around an arrangement of seats made entirely of mirrors, stands Dom Pérignon's head winemaker and Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy...
Moët & Chandon's Le &
In a luxurious marriage of champagne and gastronomy, Moët & Chandon has teamed up with France's three-Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno for Le &, a "culinary journey" at Moët & Chandon's estate in Epernay. As we recently discovered, the sensory...
Moët & Chandon's 2004 Grand Vintage Rosé
With summer underway, kicking back with a chilled glass of rosé is a great way to beat the heat. As much as we enjoy imbibing sparkling wines of the Champagne region, we're equally interested in the scientific and gastronomic process behind their...
Interview: Richard Geoffroy
One of my favorite people to sit down and have a glass of champagne with is Dom Pérignon's head wine maker, the doctor turned Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. He's a magician, a poet and a man deeply passionate about the quirks of the land and...
Dom Pérignon by David Lynch
Spending an afternoon with David Lynch in the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont isn't necessarily an everyday occurrence—the filmmaker, known for his surrealistic visions, actually admits that he rarely leaves the house if he doesn't have...
A.I. Selections
Acid Inc. may suggest an illicit obsession, but for sommelier David Weitzenhoffer and his partner Laura Supper, the name (professionally called A.I. Selections) relays their passion for wines higher in acidity—a key component for an exceptionally...
Dom Pérignon: Vintage 2003
The summer of 2003 was blistering hot in France, only to be followed by an extreme winter and harsh spring filled with unusual frosts that destroyed a majority of the Côte des Blancs Chardonnay crop. While this doesn't sound ideal to anyone...
Hotel du Marc
Housed in the former residence of Madame Clicquot herself, Hotel du Marc is a place to stay unlike any other. As if the historic setting in Reims, France wasn't enough, Veuve Clicquot recently completed a head-to-toe renovation, updating the interiors...
Govino Glasses
Nothing kills the buzz of a drink outdoors more than the chunky rim of a plastic cup at your lips. Refining the concept with a few Dieter Rams-worthy design principles, Govino's reusable wine glasses and champagne flutes, made from BPA-free, shatterproof...
Yellow Circuit
During Milan's recent Design Week, it was hard not to miss Veuve Clicquot's presence in the city. Dubbing their project the Yellow Circuit, the revered champagne producers splashed their signature color in showrooms, exhibits and even on a trolley...
Perrier-Jouët Bicentennial
Perrier-Jouët invited us to celebrate their 200th birthday with a gala in Paris and a visit to their vineyards and caves in Épernay. To commemorate their anniversary, they explored the concept of legacy, commissioning American artist and architect...
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