Modern Life
Exploring the strange, confusing and oftentimes distressing modern world, French artist Jean Jullien has created a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. While his keen observations on life in the current climate can be a little cheeky, they're always...
The Bob's Burgers Burger Book
For fans of the Belchers—and puns—the new Bob's Burgers cookbook will be a treat for tummies and funny-bones. "The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers" is fully illustrated with all-new art, features cameos from the family (as...
Jon Burgerman Necklaces
Obsessive doodler Jon Burgerman has swapped pen and paper for sterling silver with his necklaces for Digby & Iona. The celebrated illustrator's playful characters hang from a 25-inch oxidized chain, all handmade in Brooklyn.
Raining Cats Shower Curtain
Parra's irreverent cartoony illustrations have been featured on everything from gallery walls to record covers to skateboard decks. Bring Amsterdam-based artist's work into your bathroom with this nylon shower curtain that's sure to catch the attention...
Steezys Charms for Headphone Cords
Cartoonish and made to capture the playfully-minded tween inside each of us, Steezys headphone cord charms are just that—and while they aren't exactly life essentials, they are damn cute. Whether you wear them in bunches or simply as a single statement...
The Simpsons Reimagined by Shuggie's Sweet Revenge
Seemingly very in tune with 20- and 30-somethings of today, Shuggie's Sweet Revenge makes T-shirts and tote bags emblazoned with cleverly combined Simpsons characters—and cartoon images of Larry David's face. A delightfully simple idea, the morphed...
Rare '80s Vans + Peanuts Collection Reissued
California's favorite footwear giant announces yet another a killer collaboration for the coming months. While May 2014 saw the introduction of the coveted Star Wars collection, today it's the impossibly cute Vault by Van + Peanuts collection. The...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Mike D + Clare Vivier for Monster Children Known for women's accessories, designer Clare Vivier dropped her first line of men's goods in a somewhat unlikely collaboration with legendary NYC hip-hop godfather, Mike D of the Beastie Boys. The launch...
Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir Premieres at MADE
Advertorial content: For the debut of Brazilian illustrator Rafael Grampá’s 3D animated short with #NextFrame, Absolut toasted the artist’s success with a private screening of the film, "Dark Noir." Fittingly, the premiere took place at the brand...
Interview: Rafael Grampá
Advertorial content: In the world of comic books, it's nearly impossible for an outsider to rise out of anonymity. However, that's just what Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampá did in 2008 when he debuted his original series “Mesmo Delivery” in the...
Bibu Animal Cushions
These sweet animals, created by Spanish designer Yuly Monsanto for her label Bibu, can be used as a pillow, teddy bear or just decorative cushion. Made from 100% soft cotton with a colorful print on the back, they are light and bright and created with...
Fathom's Shorts for Australia
Advertorial content: In the history of silent film, an artistic medium that dates back to the late 1870s, it's hard to imagine a greater task being asked of such a few moving images: to get a person—who lives in New York City, at least—to travel...
The Art of Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, inventor of convoluted yet weirdly-brilliant machines—like Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin—a humorist, sculptor, author and engineer. Loaded with never-before-seen essays, letters...
Y-Front Mouse
Oh how the mighty have fallen. In the glorious 1980s, Y-Front Mouse soared to superstardom with his catchy jingles, TV and radio shows. Three decades later, fame has done him in. The beloved rodent is reduced to a sad alcoholic living alone in a pub...
Interview: Beppe Giacobbe
“Visionary Dictionary: Beppe Giacobbe from A to Z” is the first monograph dedicated to the art of illustration master Beppe Giacobbe. Born in Milan in 1953 and having studied at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and the School of Visual Arts in New...
Cool Hunting Video: The Lunchbox Museum
While recently rambling through the rolling hills of Georgia, CH ended up on the outskirts of Columbus at the world's largest Lunchbox Museum, situated in the back of the Rivermarket Antique Mall. Owner Allen Woodall is an avid collector of many...
Mr. Jiji
What if Skeletor and He-man stopped fighting and just cuddled each other, Voldemort and Harry Potter became playmates, or a stormtrooper left the dark side and met Yoda for a bit of sexual play? Just Love is a series of graphic artwork designed...
User Design Books
Boutique graphic design outfit User Design recently released a series of self-published works united by British wit and a simple, hand-drawn aesthetic. The titles include "The Journey of the Larks", "Punctuation...?" and "Life", and show an emerging...
Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season 1
Can you name the early '90s TV show that featured appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Sheen, Meg Ryan, Malcolm McDowell, Phyllis Diller, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Taylor? Pop-culture aficionados will recognize...
Independently Animated
At 13-years-old Bill Plympton wrote to Walt Disney asking for a job in the animation department. The young illustrator was initially rejected, but an Oscar nomination six years later for his animated short called "Your Face" led to Disney knocking...
Uncooked eCards
Writing "happy birthday" on someone's Facebook wall, along with hundreds of their other closest pals, doesn't really say much in the way of friendship. If you are one of those amazingly thoughtful types and have time to go out, buy a card, and mail...
All My Friends Are Dead
A children's book for adults, "All My Friends Are Dead" cleverly illustrates the inevitable sadness we all will face—whether you're a tree, sock, pirate, cassette tape or other—when our friends cease to exist. From the snowman whose...
Hello Kitty The Show
The first theatrical performance to immortalize the Japanese icon, Hello Kitty The Show is a collaboration between Italian school of performing arts Mas and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio, currently on view at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan through 28 February...
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