An Idyllic Yurt in Northern Ontario
Shara Gibson isn't your typical landlord. In 2013, she took the internet by storm with two tracks that demonstrate her haunting songwriting abilities and vocal prowess. But music isn't Gibson's only passion project. For the last few years, the Canadian...
Word of Mouth: Québec City
A visit to Québec City means stepping outside of the ordinary. While most on the North American continent are used to Spanish or English as the native languages, this Francophone region offers more than their distinct tongue. Only a few years back...
Interview: The Black Lips on Stage Presence
It's difficult to affix a genre to the type of music made by the Black Lips. There are elements of punk and garage rock; there's potency and power—and an immediacy. But at the core, a lot of their tracks are just plain fun. While it may be tricky...
New Caps from Ciele Athletics
It's never been easier to dress well when working out. The rise of athletic-to-casual crossover clothing (dubbed by some as "athleisure") means comfort, style, function and performance can all come in one garment. Now that Flyknits and fashion sweats...
Mosher Originals Action Packs
Few companies start out making dog products then segue into products for their owners. However that's exactly what Toronto-based Mosher Originals is doing with their new line of bags (for humans), currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Initially...
Roots' Customizable Varsity Jackets
For over 40 years, family-owned Canadian apparel and accessories brand Roots has produced top quality, hand-crafted apparel and accessories with comfort in mind. Now, they're letting customers voice their own aesthetic choices with a customizable...
Dogsledding in the Great White North: PULL
In climates where the winters stretch on and piling snow is not the exception, but the rule of the day, embracing the cold is the only way of coping. For his latest short film "PULL," Toronto-based director and photographer Goh Iromoto captures one...
32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge
Tucked away deep in the Southern Selkirks amid British Columbia's myriad mountain ranges that stack up like a line of dominos across the province, Baldface Lodge is the epitome of an epic destination. On a clear day, it's a short but breathtaking...
Line Skis Magnum Opus
Ski design and construction innovation continues to give riders the potential to push the sport forward in ways that would have early pioneers stopped in their leather boots. While advancements have occurred across all categories, perhaps the greatest...
Roots XL Sweatpants
Classic pieces, done exceptionally well, are hard to beat—especially when it comes to sweats. Toronto-based Roots achieves this with their XL Sweatpants, a pair of performance joggers created in collaboration with Polartec and made in Canada. Designed...
Arlo's Honey Bear
Helping out the world's dwindling honeybee population is Helen Kennedy, who owns the 14-acre Arlo's Honey Farm in the hills of Kelowna in British Columbia. Her bees feed on dandelions, phacelia, Dutch white clover, sunflowers, elderberries, among other...
Small Banff Bag
Made in Canada of rich leather from Chicago's famed Horween tannery, the Small Banff Bag is perfect for weekends away or those that vow to never check a bag. The handsome carryall features a large main compartment and zipper closure for secure stowage...
Black Icelandic Sheepskin
Stand out from the herd with Black Sheep (White Light)'s long-haired sheepskin made in Canada from a black Icelandic pelt. The eco-friendly-certified sheepskin adds over-the-top soft texture as a seat cushion, thrown over the sofa arm, or placed on...
Off Piste: Nahanni Reforestation Photography Book
Nahanni Arntzen was born inside a teepee on the shore of the Kingcome River in remote British Columbia. Her parents were tree-planters, hired by logging companies to repopulate the large swaths of land left naked by clear cutting forestry operations...
Word of Mouth: Kelowna
Situated along the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake at the foot of a range of mountains is the city of Kelowna, a microcosm of all that British Columbia's agriculturally rich Okanagan Valley has to offer. The region is considered to be Canada's answer...
Mission Hill Winery
As the world's second largest country in geographical area, Canada's vast terrain varies greatly. But as a nation stereotypically synonymous with ice hockey and year-round winter, it's hard to imagine that in British Columbia there's the Okanagan...
Bay Meats Butcher Shop Beef Jerky
Globalization may have reduced the number of surprising discoveries one makes in foreign lands, but the art of travel can still lead to exciting finds. The latest example of this is Bay Meats Butcher Shop's gluten-free beef jerky, a delicious...
Sons + Daughters: Class of 2014 Collection
Fashion stylist Shiva Shabani and art director Calvin Yu started Sons + Daughters in 2011 when their friends complained about the dearth of quality, stylish eyewear options available for their kids. Creating adventurous frame styles that complement...
Douglas Coupland Wallet
Roots Canada celebrates Canadian novelist and artist Douglas Coupland with a capsule collection inspired by Coupland's visual work. A highlight is this slim leather wallet projecting the title of his exhibition currently on view at the Vancouver Art...
A 100% Canadian Vodka from Odd Society Spirits
It's no secret that vodka is a crowded space in the alcohol industry, often with differentiation between brands seeming to begin and end with the label. So when Vancouver native Gordon Glanz set out to develop a distillery in the Canadian city after...
East Van Roasters
Just a short walk from Vancouver, BC's historic Gastown neighborhood lies East Van Roasters. Situated in the city's Downtown Eastside neighborhood, the airy facility fills the surrounding blocks with a nutty, toasted scent. The recently opened non...
Charged: Afterguard
Racing out on the ocean, the wind can whip mercilessly and consistently, throwing an endless barrage of sea-spray and hurtling your craft faster than its sails and keel can handle. Other times, a swirling gust changes directions without notice or...
BETA5 Chocolate
When CH was in Vancouver, BC for TED week, a friend's recommendation resulted in a pitstop at the BETA5 chocolate and pastry shop. While it's a bit out of the way in an industrial area, the line stretched out the door and we managed to nab some of...
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