Designer Alice Min Soo Chun’s SolarPuff is an origami-like lamp that can be folded down for ultra-portability. When expanded, the charming, cubic lamp can emit eight to 12 hours of bright white light—all powered completely through solar energy. Keep...
Always celebrating the simple joy of getting outdoors, Poler Stuff aims to make all your adventures a little easier and more pleasurable. With their sandwich-maker, the brand attempts to bring extra coziness to your camp vibes in the form of comfort...
Fall Picnic Gear
In the Northern Hemisphere, leaves are changing and apples are falling. Sweater weather is here, and it's the perfect time to get outdoors and experience still-mild temperatures and the colorful transitioning of the leaves. Whether hiking to a...
Solar Powered LED Flashlight
There are plenty of reliable solar-powered flashlights on the market, but socially-minded tech innovation company Waka Waka has developed a few things that sets their devices apart. Their signature solar flashlight charges in five to ten hours and...
SOL Water-Purifying Bag
Fort Jones, California-based Tortoise Gear aims to make products so users can thrive in practically any environment. The brand's SOL Water Bag (which is currently crowdsourcing on Kickstarter) is a compact, solar-powered water-purifying bag for...
REI's evrgrn Crash Sack
At the beginning of this summer, REI debuted their new in-house product line evrgrn. It is aimed at the growing number of people who want to enjoy the spirit of the outdoors, but aren't necessarily seeking out technical gear for an upcoming backcountry...
The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper
When Glenn Wills and Christine Bree set out to design the camper of their (pretty realistic) dreams, they didn't realize it might also be the camper of many other people's dreams, too. The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is extremely compact and lightweight...
Museum of Sex: Splendor in the Grass
For the past year, the NYC's Museum of Sex hosted "Funland," an erotic fairground imagined by design duo Bompas & Parr which featured, among other things, a penis derby racing game and bouncy boob castle (now part of the museum's permanent collection...
Tiktaalik's Field Knife Set
Portland, Oregon-based Tiktaalik, founded by Swedish industrial designer Carl Jonsson, is focusing on creating quality tools for enjoying adventures to their fullest, and their first product—a Field Knife Set—aims to address the lack of high-quality...
Two New Camp Stoves from Snow Peak
Spending time outside is always made a little better with a few comforts from home. A hot meal and a fresh cup of coffee at the base of a climb or deep in the wilderness is a welcomed luxury. Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak has two new compact and...
Coney Island Boardwalk Camping Knife
Our friends at Horse Cycles recently went through a little change. The now-named Horse Brand Co. has expanded beyond bicycle production to include a wide repertoire of goods from copper flasks to riding gloves. Their latest project caught our eye...
Keeping Outerwear Alive with Gear Aid
As jacket season tentatively draws to an end here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're taking stock of the wear and tear on this season's gear. Even the most durable materials take a few hits after an active season, but it's no reason to retire them...
Trillium Hammock
This isn't your typical hammock. UK-based Tensile's 80 square foot Trillium model comfortably fits three adults and bears a maximum weight of 880 pounds. Utilizing seatbelt material and a high-strength ratchet system, the Trillium sets up in minutes...
Solar on the Move with Sun King PRO
As solar cells have become more durable, compact, efficient and cheap to produce, the technology has gradually found its way into a greater number of consumer products. From backpacks to watches , harnessing the sun's energy has never been more...
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Shelters
The backpacker's quest for lighter and stronger gear is seemingly endless—and for good reason. When you're a three-day walk into the wilderness, every ounce counts and equipment failure isn't an option. Maine-based Hyperlite Mountain Gear first caught...
Gone Camping Pop-Up Restaurant, London
There are few times that food tastes as good as it does when eaten outdoors by a campfire—even the most charred hotdog somehow becomes delicious when enjoyed in the wild. With summer still far too many months away, Londoners can at least recapture...
Jetboil's Limited Edition Titanium French Press
Whether in the city or out in the fresh, crisp mountain air, a hot cup of coffee will work wonders. In the past, we've championed Snow Peak's titanium french press, though its 24-ounce size isn't ideal for groups. The recently released Jetboil Javastein...
Carbon Steel Camping Knife
Inspired by traditional, utilitarian knives native to Scandinavia, the sturdy blade on the Horse Carbon Steel Camping Knife is fit for any adventure. And, as things go with handmade knives, each is unique due to hand-grinding and variations in the...
Two Man Tent
Built for enjoying the outdoors and easy camp vibes, the latest "Rainbro" color update to Poler's original Two Man Tent is nothing short of fun and function. Designed to fit two adults (or one and a faithful four-legged friend), the tent comes...
Voke Tab: Pocket-Sized Energy Boost
When Kalen Caughey was a high school student and avid skier at Steamboat Mountain School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, he encountered a mechanical problem that many an extreme athlete has faced before: his coffee kept spilling. In search of a...
Pioneer Folding Toaster
While your cast iron skillet can cook just about everything when camping, it won't be much help in toasting the bread for your breakfast sandwich. This is where the 200-year-old pioneer folding toaster comes in. Packable and light, the old-school tool...
Adventure-Proof Power from Brunton
With roots in developing navigation tools going all the way back to 1984, Boulder, CO-based Brunton has applied its sensible and utility-driven approach to design toward creating tools for the modern-day adventurer. Whether seeking solace in the...
FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter
With fall officially upon those in the northern hemisphere, cold weather camping season has arrived as well. Few images propel us into the outdoors quite like that of a warm campfire with friends. While classic flint and tinder fire-starters are...
Song of the Car: 2014 Airstream International Signature
For the over-scheduled city dweller, the desire to faithfully unplug on an adventurous outdoor excursion often only exists in theory. As the relentless pace of autumn ensues in the north, access to nature seems to slip away, but this is actually...
The RugRat from TheTentLab
For those looking to get the most out of camping, it's essential to not skimp on your shelter. While cheap tents will get you through a few weekends here and there, going the extra mile and shelling out for a premium tent will not only make for a...
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