Hamilton 1883 for Project Wooster
As a well-known name in menswear, Nick Wooster has played an integral role in the camo comeback over the past few seasons. His contributions to menswear design have taken him from men's fashion director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman to...
Multicam Dispatch Bag
Blending modern technology with functional design, Triple Aught Design makes high-performance gear durable enough for the mountains and sophisticated enough for the city. Their latest addition, the Multicam Dispatch Bag is suited for everyday carry...
Keds Call of Duty
Keds' latest addition to the Century Collection is the Call of Duty, a solid shoe echoing the war-laden 1940s. Offered in military-inspired colorways with camouflage interiors, the men's shoe is built to last with leather bindings and rawhide laces...
Puma v1.06 Grass Camo Boot
Most of this year's Puma sponsored players will be kicking around in these grass camo boots. No, they won't really disappear and provide some kind of stealth advantage, but they will lend a constant reminder of where they really belong...
Fatboy Camo Doggielounge
Is your dog envious of your camo collection? Fatboy comes to the rescue with this dog bed. It's available in two sizes and has a washable cover. If camo's not your dog's taste it's available in many solid colors. Available online...
Anticon Hoodie
We're trying to get more details on this great new hoodie from France. The hood has a zipper and eye holes, which allow you to completely cover up your face in inclement weather—or when you just want to look like Kenny from South Park...
Urban Camouflage Laptop Sleeve
Satiate Trapper Keeper nostalgia with a computer case from Lifepod. These padded pockets close with a velcro flap, come in sizes to fit 12", 15" and 17" notebooks, feature a roomy interior with a divider pocket that conveniently holds...
Ikea's Camouflage Chair
Office chair design seems to lag about 50 light-years behind everything else. Somehow form rarely balances function and most seating options succumb to the same set of boring standards. Leave it to Ikea to make something as democratic as the office...
How to Disappear Completely
"City Hideout," from Dutch design studio OOOMS, is a portable temporary dwelling made to fit one seated adult. The collapsable metal box resembles the kind of streetside sheds that commonly house electrical devices such as streetlight controls...
Protein DPM Series 1
We're big fans of everything Protein is doing-- and the new Protein DPM Series 1 canvas series is totally hot. They're a range of eight Disruptive Pattern Materials designed by William Rowe-- only the first few styles have been released, and...
DPM Chromo Calendar
Remember the get yours now (£90).
Camo Tote
Was LL Bean trying to be trendy when they introduced this rockin camouflage tote? I kind of doubt it. Who cares, anyway? It's a great looking and water resistant bag for get-away-from-the-city weekends or for all your hunting dog's acessories...
Camo Duct Tape
You already know I appreciate duct tap craft. To add to your pallet of styles to work with, here's some camouflage printed duct tape. Order direct from
Adidas Nizza Extra Hi
The Originals line of cooler than the typical Adidas is available on their site. Included are some unique colorways and materials for the SStar, SL 72, Antelope, Samoas and more. The best, by far, are these Nizza Extra Hi Camo-luscious beauties...
Camouflage Zine
Camouflage is an 'experimental' design zine distributed via download from their Web site. The 3rd issue is now out and features some pretty cool mixed media design schtuff.
Optical Camouflage
Researchers at Tokyo University have developed a prototype of Optical Camouflage! Here's a brief on it from Yahoo!
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