The Stash at Jackson Hole
The Burton Stash at Jackson Hole takes terrain parks to a whole new level. We toured their Stash in Killington a few years back and were super excited to hit the snow in their latest project. The natural surroundings blend beautifully with Stash...
Wheelie Cargo
Having fallen in love with the way Burton's Wheelie Cargo spins 360 degrees on its skateboard wheels, I was eager to check out the recently redesigned version after years of abuse left mine with busted zippers. A two-week trek around Europe presented...
Three Questions For Five Burton Riders
CH recently had the chance to catch up with some of Amazon.) We asked them all the same three questions and naturally they supplied some rather entertaining answers. What was your biggest fail?Mads Jonsson (below, right): I broke my arm during a...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: How to Make a Burton Snowboard
by Gregory MitnickTraveling to Burlington, Vermont, our video visits Burton's snowboard manufacturing center to learn about their handmade process and prototyping techniques. Chris Doyle, the brand's "mad scientist" who's worked with founder Jake Burton...
Burton AK Leather Tech Glove
The end of September is not too early to start thinking about keeping warm on the cold winter city streets. It also isn't to early to think about getting back on the mountain for fun on the board. These two pursuits became one when I found these...
Burton Private Stock
A first look at a new initiative by Burton, Private Stock is an extremely limited collection of products available exclusively at a select group of 100 specialty retailers worldwide. For the launch of Private Stock, Burton collaborated with one of...
Idiom 2009
Here's an early look at what's to come from one of our favorite snow wear brands Idiom. As we've come to expect from Burton's high end label, it seems as though designers Jeff Staple and Hiroshi Fujiwara have kept the 2009 line simple...
Burton 2009
In between watching 1080s galore at the U.S. Open a couple weeks backs, I had the chance to demo some of Burton's gear due out for the 2009 season. Most noteworthy is their Infinite Channel System (ICS) and Extra Sensory Technology (EST)â...
Still Life 2008
This past winter star Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara was always blogging about his epic snowboarding trips all over the world. The snow-covered old growth terrain was always so inviting but I also took note of the brightly colored minimalist jackets...
Burton Archive Series
Eighties revivalism continues and when done right we enjoy seeing the era reinvented in design, fashion, music, etc. Better yet, a reissue celebrates originals and maybe even better still, adding new details to classics modernizes them for a fresh...
Paul Smith x Burton Mark XIII
Yes, this really is snowboard gear. I know it looks incredibly traditional, but it's the second limited-edition collaboration between Paul Smith (always one of my favorites) and Burton Snowboards, and has just hit the shops. Last time they got...
Burton Chicago Flagship
Burton staked its claim in the Midwest by opening their latest flagship store in Chicago last night with a big ol' Burton-style party. It may seem odd to open a snowboarding store in the flatlands, but Founder and Chairman Jake Burton first competed...
Last Chance: Burton x iPod x Shiny Toy Guns Contest
In time for the really really cold weather here in the Northeastern U.S, we're about ready to give away some prizes that will help keep you warm and entertained. The grand prize is an autographed copy of the new Shiny Toy Guns album, We Are Pilots...
Burton x iPod x Shiny Toy Guns Contest
It's Cool Hunting's turn to team up with Shiny Toy Guns, Burton and Apple to help keep you warm and connected this winter. In celebration of our first snow yesterday, we are putting up a sweepstakes to win some loot. The grand prize includes...
Burton / R.E.D. Audio HiFi Helmet
This isn't the first snowboarding helmet with built in speakers, but it may be the best so far. Burton claims audio excellence and I haven't gotten proof of that yet, but the overall features are just right. Removable speakers, adjustable...
Burton Headphone Beanie
Burton has set the bar for integrating music with snowboarding gear. First was the Amp jacket with on-sleeve iPod controls, then the Amp backpack , also with iPod integration. Now for the Fall is the headphone beanie which keeps your head warm and...
New Burton iPod Gear
update: January 4, 2004 I finally found a Burton Amp backpack at Paragon in NYC. So far, so good. Aside from the obvious benefits, it has the right number of pockets, high quality manufacturing, and a sleek design. Let's see how it does when put...
Burton Amp
A little while back Burton and Apple announced the Amp, which is a snowboarding jacket with a special pocket for your iPod and controls on the sleeve. If they had only put some speakers in the hood, it would be perfect!