Kelela: A Message Rising singer/songwriter Kelela released a slow-burning but spectacular track from her upcoming EP Hallucinogen, called "A Message," which was co-written with Venezuelan producer Arca (who also co-produced Björk's Vulnicura). The...
Schindelhauer Viktor Red Race Edition
For cycling purists, simplicity of design is king. Any changes to a bike's parts or design—especially when it comes to a single speed commuter—must come with some serious functional benefits. Berlin-based bike company Schindelhauer predicates its...
Gestalten + Pulpo Oda Light
Though the stalwarts of the publishing world continue to release works worth reading, it's Berlin-based Gestalten that earned our near-constant attention in 2014 with countless impressive volumes published under their name. Yet, their most recent...
Apollo Muse RSS App
If there's a single, surefire way to impress dinner party friends, it's by being on the very cutting edge of culture. The newly launched Apollo Muse app is making that easy by putting the most authoritative digital art and design publications right...
Holiday Markets Around the World
by Laura Feinstein The winter season always seems to bring the reliable trappings of festive cheer: trees and wreathes, carols and bells, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. But one tradition that we always look forward to most is the holiday...
Blendo Espresso Blend
Berlin's Five Elephant micro roastery is committed to directly sourcing their beans in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. Blendo is a mix of Directly Traded Brazilian washed beans, creating a full-bodied experience with hints of...
Three New Juice Spots in Berlin
by Shawn Thomson With the juicing craze already in full swing around the world in cities like New York, Sydney and London, Berlin was a little slow to the game. The German capital has stepped up however with the arrival of three new cold-press juice...
Interview: Typomaniac Erik Spiekermann
Few individuals within the design community deserve as much acclaim as Erik Spiekermann—and even fewer typographers at that. Throughout his storied 30-year career, the prolific German typographer, designer and entrepreneur has influenced contemporary...
Song of the Car: 2016 Smart ForTwo
In the summer of 1998, bright orange cranes speckled the Berlin skyline. Young Europeans flocked to the streets by the thousands for the dance party called Love Parade and, after dark, they disappeared inside the dark corridors of a club called Tresor...
Interview: Denise J Reytan
While many jewelry designers stick to classics like gold, silver and semi-precious stones, Denise J Reytan builds her "wearable collages" from the most unusual colors and materials. Silicone, textiles and even custom-casted plastic objects are juxtaposed...
Diamond Light
Sometimes it's the slightest hack to the norm that can have a profound effect on your sense of aesthetics. Case in point is Eric Therner's diamond light, which shifts the common light bulb silhouette ever so slightly to become something simply exquisite...
Kate Steciw's Manipulated Stock Images
In her first solo exhibition in Germany, artist Kate Steciw manipulates a very limited number of stock images into unique layered compositions, blurring the line between representation and abstraction. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born and now Brooklyn...
Studio Visit: Ai Weiwei
The upcoming exhibition (opening 3 April 2014 at Berlin's Martin-Gropius-Bau) by the multi-talented and outspoken Ai Weiwei promises to be his biggest solo show yet. Spanning over 3,000 square meters in 18 rooms, a huge variety of the Chinese artist...
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