CH Global Spin: Hotel am Steinplatz, Berlin
by Karen Day Craft beer, once a cottage industry carried out by dedicated beer nerds, has reached an all-time high. Consumers around the world have come to favor small-batch, full-flavor brews over their mass-produced, watered-down counterparts...
ATKA Sunglasses
Blending a wealth of experience with the constant pursuit of innovation, Berlin's MYKITA makes some of the most beautifully crafted eyewear in the world. Now teaming up with HighSnobiety, the cult brand has made the ATKA—sunglasses, crafted from acetate...
Rebecca Louise Law's "Garten" at Bikini Berlin
Nothing offers a greater anticipatory nudge toward the summer that awaits than real flowers. In the colder climates of the Northern Hemisphere, flowers have already begun to bloom, but within the Bikini Berlin concept shopping center something more...
P&T's New Master Blends
Augmenting the tea experience since it opened in December 2012, Berlin-based P&T (short for Paper & Tea) has been a place of discovery and education, sans the snootiness. Freshly added to their beautiful range of whole loose-leaf teas and herbal...
Louis Pretty Serves Up Design and Pastrami in Berlin
Restaurateur trio Oskar Melzer, James Ardinast and David Ardinast (behind Stanley Diamond and Maxie Eisen in Frankfurt) have just opened their latest venture, this time in Berlin. Like its predecessors, Louis Pretty takes its name from a historic...
Fundamental Berlin's Not-So-Ordinary Frames
"The inspiration was fishnet tights!" Steve Molloy, co-founder of The Fundamental Group, tells CH about the brand's unique grid frames. "It was about how sometimes a thing becomes more interesting when it has been slightly obscured. Sort of like...
Inside Berlin's Sleek Magazine
There are plenty of reasons to pick up a print magazine: visually stunning pages, thoughtful long-form reporting, that transformative experience of dedicating yourself to something that's become a less common experience for most nowadays. Berlin...
Future Mapping Company Berlin
Though maps began as utility-minded reference tools, they've always had artistic elements. From elaborate compass roses and sea monsters that lurk near remote coastlines to carefully selected color palettes, the aesthetics of maps sometimes even trump...
Three Exceptional Berlin Bars Offering the Unexpected
People from all over the globe venture to Berlin for the excitement its diverse nightlife scene has to offer. Famed nightclub Berghain commands one of the best global reputations for a wild night out—and its acclaimed Panorama Bar features a Long Island...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. IKEA's Shelters for Refugees IKEA is providing the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees with 10,000 flat-pack Better Shelters as part of an ongoing collaboration through its Housing for All Foundation. After initially being tested by...
Kelela: A Message Rising singer/songwriter Kelela released a slow-burning but spectacular track from her upcoming EP Hallucinogen, called "A Message," which was co-written with Venezuelan producer Arca (who also co-produced Björk's Vulnicura). The...
Schindelhauer Viktor Red Race Edition
For cycling purists, simplicity of design is king. Any changes to a bike's parts or design—especially when it comes to a single speed commuter—must come with some serious functional benefits. Berlin-based bike company Schindelhauer predicates its...
Gestalten + Pulpo Oda Light
Though the stalwarts of the publishing world continue to release works worth reading, it's Berlin-based Gestalten that earned our near-constant attention in 2014 with countless impressive volumes published under their name. Yet, their most recent...
Apollo Muse RSS App
If there's a single, surefire way to impress dinner party friends, it's by being on the very cutting edge of culture. The newly launched Apollo Muse app is making that easy by putting the most authoritative digital art and design publications right...
Holiday Markets Around the World
by Laura Feinstein The winter season always seems to bring the reliable trappings of festive cheer: trees and wreathes, carols and bells, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. But one tradition that we always look forward to most is the holiday...
Blendo Espresso Blend
Berlin's Five Elephant micro roastery is committed to directly sourcing their beans in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. Blendo is a mix of Directly Traded Brazilian washed beans, creating a full-bodied experience with hints of...
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