Exit Through The Gift Shop
Humorous and provocative, the much-anticipated film Exit Through the Gift Shop by the U.K.'s leading street artist Banksy is impressively on par with his captivating artworks. After its surprise premiere at Sundance last year, the well-edited movie...
Exit Through The Gift Shop Trailer
Famed street artist Banksy stars in this new documentary, a collaboration with Terry Guetta (aka Mr. Brain Wash), called "Exit Through The Gift Shop." We had the chance to check out the film, a result of unprecedented access to the artist over the...
Banksy Versus Bristol Museum
by Ariston Anderson Street artist Banksy makes breaking the rules an artform, but his current exhibit, a legal installation of over 100 pieces at Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery is surprising even his closest followers. Playing on earlier...
Banksy in NYC: The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill
by Ariston Anderson The last time street artist Bansky did a piece in New York, it was a small painting of a cheap can of soup—his tribute to Andy Warhol—that he smuggled onto a gallery wall at the MoMa. As you might have already seen...
Banksy Hosts The Cans Festival
This bank holiday weekend in London saw one of the world's most famous street artists (and least likely corporate collaborators) host his own spray party thanks to help from Eurostar. Recent years have seen the worlds of mega-business and street...
Pictures on Walls
Pictures on Walls (POW) is a site devoted to exposing the latest from both up and coming and more well-established street artists by turning their work into limited edition screen prints sold on their site. They recently released new pieces by the...
Banksy's Online "Store"
After the stellar success of his star-studded LA show (where Brad and Angelina walked away with quite a few pics) and setting a personal record at auction back in October 2006, Banksy is offering free downloads of some of his images for those that...
Banksy Tees
UPDATE: Banksy wrote in to us to say that he was not involved with the creation of these t-shirts so we've removed the picture and link. Everybody loves the ever elusive Banksy. With his line of tees you can help him represent by wearing his art...
Banksy Hits NYC
The work of street artist, graffiti writer, and over all mischievously impressive prankster "Banksy", never ceases to amaze me--but this time he really hit a home run. Banksy hit New York's most famous museums, dressed as a British pensioner...
Banksy's New Book
Banksy, one of the world's most aggressive and imaginative street (and museum, and livstock) artists, released a new book last month. It's called Cut It Out, and is available from