So This Is Permanence
"This is Permanence" reveals the personal writings of Joy Division songwriter and frontman Ian Curtis in a beautiful cloth-bound anthology. Curtis committed suicide in 1980, and the insightful book includes a foreword by his widow, Deborah, as well...
Icelandic Acts at Iceland Airwaves
While only a handful of bands from Iceland have reached global acclaim, that doesn't mean the magnificent island isn't erupting with talent. During the most recent Iceland Airwaves music festival—our first time returning to the multi-venue international...
Chris Stein / Negative
40 years ago, Chris Stein and Debbie Harry co-founded one of the most influential punk rock bands in Blondie. Stein, a photography student at NYC's School of Visual Arts, was already documenting the scene that they would help define. From those early...
Nightmare and the Cat + Gary Baseman
When artist Gary Baseman was asked to collaborate on the album cover art for the band Nightmare and the Cat, he did more than art direct the band’s photo shoot, captured within his interactive museum exhibition "The Door is Always Open" at the Skirball...
NPR Music at SXSW 2014
For music publications, SXSW is what New York Fashion Week is to the Vogue editorial staff—exciting, exhausting and ultimately a sink or swim string of parties, content and cut-throat editorial decision-making. Luckily, the deft-eared team at NPR has...
La Femme: Amour Dans Le Motu
Armed with their 2013 debut album named Psycho Tropical Berlin, La Femme are hitting North America and shaking things up, including performances at SXSW. And within the first 10 seconds of their song "Amour Dans Le Motu," we were hooked. There isn...
RAC: Tear You Down feat. Alex Ebert
SoundCloud hosted their first official SXSW showcase this year, and the lineup included a stellar mix of emerging and established artists. One falling somewhere in the middle is André Allen Anjos, better known as the main remix master behind the former...
Vancouver Sleep Clinic: Flaws
Australia's 17-year-old Tim Bettinson, the sole talent behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic, offers a stunning addition to the world of electronic folk with his latest track "Flaws." There's the ethereal soundscape and falsetto vocals that we've come to expect...
Big Huge: At The Movies
Self-described as "a frightful/delightful five-piece of ditty pumpers with a heart that bleeds for the wild child, the mood swinger and the lost thought found again," NYC-based Big Huge and their garage-pop sound is a legitimate gang of devoted shredders...
Big Huge: At The Movies Self-described as "a frightful/delightful five-piece of ditty pumpers with a heart that bleeds for the wild child, the mood swinger and the lost thought found again," NYC-based Big Huge and their garage-pop sound is a legitimate...
Space, Interiors and Exteriors, 1972
At first glance, this art book looks out-of-date with its 1970s desaturated colors, as if salvaged from a garage sale. Co-published this year by PictureBox and art gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey to offer a glimpse into the hazy world of radical and...
Interview: Black Moth Super Rainbow
Using analog equipment and outdated electronics for a more "real" sound, Black Moth Super Rainbow is one of the more captivating experimental electronic bands we've become familiar with in recent years. With nearly a decade of albums under their...
Fugazi Edits
Founder of music label Case/Martingale and recent resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine, music maker and producer Chris Lawhorn has created Fugazi Edits, a new record made entirely by sampling every single song in the band Fugazi's discography. The...
Comet Substance
With his wide range of projects and mediums, it is no wonder why the technical sketcher turned screen printer Comet Substance uses collage in his works. Armed with a broad background, Comet Substance, also known as Ronny Hunger clips images out...
Dream & Drive
Following the life of the band The Kills both on stage and on the road, photographer Kenneth Cappello shot more than 600 rolls of film of bandmates Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince in the last nine years. Capturing the raw energy of this garage punk...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Blood Orange
In our latest video we had the chance to sit down with Devonté Hynes, the musical mastermind behind Blood Orange. This latest iteration of Hynes' music talent combines live performance and vocals with a driving, otherworldly electronic backbone...
Tap Into SXSW
Sponsored content: We're bringing you exclusive content from Austin and bringing a little bit of the city to you courtesy of MasterCard PayPass®. You're familiar with the Cool Hunting motto "Always More", so it's no surprise that one party...
We Can Be Heroes
There's a seductiveness that surrounds the London club scene of the late '70s and early '80s. It was an era that spawned a host of new music, a few new drugs, some serious fashion and Boy George. With his new book, "We Can Be Heroes," Graham Smith...
Carry On: Tim Mislock
Flying frequently is never easy, and for Tim Mislock, touring guitarist for Brooklyn-based indie rock band The Antlers, packing can be even more difficult when he has to decide between the band's essentials and his own personal extras. "With flying...
Beachcomber's Windowsill
Five years in the making, Stornoway's recently-released debut album Beachcomber's Windowsill like so many records before it, is the story of a homegrown musical enterprise. The band of Brits, named after a town on the Scottish isle of Lewis, met...
Superhumanoids: Urgency
Dubbed an "indie pop quartet," L.A.-based band Superhumanoids has more in common with the emotionally-languid style of vets like Morrissey than with peers lumped into the same near-meaningless genre. Like all good design, their tunes balance honesty...