Refuel Propane Monitoring Tool From Quirky
Few things ruin a party's vibe quite like a broken BBQ, especially if the issue is something as simple as a lack of propane. To monitor your grill's fuel level, the collective of clever minds at Quirky recently released the Refuel smart propane tank...
Terrazas Wines for Summer BBQs
Asado is the national dish of Argentina, and the word represents two separate meanings: first, a broad range of techniques associated with cooking barbecue and the traditional dish that ensues, and second, the actual barbecue event. Though the country...
Hot Sauce Gift Set
Created by two orthopedic surgeons who have a passion for grilling, Bone Doctors' Hot Pack gift set include Brazen Heat BBQ sauce with habanero and arbor peppers, Sweet & Spicy with peaches, honey, and cayenne, and their new Fire & Brimstone hot sauce...
BBQ Season Essentials
Stateside, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. Elsewhere, the weather does the deciding. Either way, in most of the Northern Hemisphere the mercury is steadily rising and barbecue weather is finally here. To celebrate the first few...
Cool Hunting Video: Takashi
Manhattan's West Village restaurant, Takashi, isn't your average barbecue joint. To learn more, we spoke with Chef Takashi about preparing beef cuisine, quite literally, from nose to tail. Blending Korean and Japanese flavors and cooking traditions...
Stubb's BBQ
Known by locals more for the outdoor amphitheater in the back than for the BBQ served in front, Stubb's is the largest music venue in the Red River Street District. While the traditional table service BBQ lunches and dinners are impressive, the big...
Serious Barbecue by Adam Perry Lang
Originally published in 2009, Adam Perry Lang’s "Serious Barbecue" quickly became a coveted tome for fans of outdoor cooking. After numerous requests for copies of his BBQ how-to book, Lang has taken the reins and self-published a new printing...
Woodpile BBQ Brisket
Living in a city like NYC it's often easier to eat out than spend the time and energy cooking. And, for some of us, the most gourmet meal we're qualified to cook is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For those of you wishing to cook up a proper...
CH Edition: 3x1 Denim Pitmaster Apron
For city dwellers, it's rooftop season. For everyone else, it's time for backyard parties. Either way, nothing makes good company better than a BBQ and some cold ones. With this in mind we recently teamed up with NYC's preeminent denim heads, our...
Star Spangled Spatula
Flip burgers in patriotic style with this heavy-duty grill accoutrement. Designed by RISD graduate Jacob Riley-Wasserman, the Star Spangled Spatula is manufactured by the oldest American cutlery company, Lamson & Goodnow.
Austin BBQ
Sponsored content: If you're coming to Austin, you got to eat yourself some barbecue and there's some terrific 'cue available throughout the city. Since the first day Franklin's Barbecue opened its doors on E 11th street, barbecue fans have been...