Studio Visit: Milan Pekař
Czech designer Milan Pekař has created beautiful objects for many years, working with a humorist style, designing porcelain ship-shaped lamps and vases that look like mini factories. Three years ago, he became an assistant of the porcelain studio...
Interview: Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding
Detroit's Renaissance continues with creatives who blend art, design and trade. One such artist is Josh Welton, a Detroit native whose sculptures of cars, robots and animals are meticulously made by hand. He's worked in manufacturing since a young...
Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector
The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists...
Poppy Lissiman + Hattie Stewart Collaboration Clutches
Perth-based Poppy Lissiman has been making her clientele happy for some time with her super-bold and bright clutch creations. Relying heavily on striking motifs—eyeballs, dollar signs, lips and love-hearts—and plenty of metallics and sparkles, Lissiman...
Light Infusion at Dvorak Sec Gallery, Prague
Artist Jiří Černický and designers Michal Froňk and Jan Němečk—of studio Olgoj Chorchoj—joined forces for "Light Infusion" (an exhibition now on view at Prague's Dvorak Sec Gallery). This collaborative show features the designers' existing lighting...
Yer So Bad: Dutch Artist Parra's Solo Show
Dutch artist Pieter Janssen aka Parra knows no boundaries in his work. Spanning the past decade, the Amsterdam-based artist has painted, drawn and sculpted his way into galleries across the world, and partnered with the likes of Nike and Stones Throw...
Odiseo Vol. 5: (Not) Safe for Work
Since our initial introduction to Odiseo just over two years ago, we've been hooked. With each volume, the sophisticated adult publication delivers thought-provoking texts and essays on subjects ranging from art and culture to existentialism, interspersed...
Best of CH 2014: Most Popular
Sometimes it's easy to predict what will be a hit on the internet (kitten GIFs never fail) and, while we like to think all our CH articles are equally enjoyed, some get picked up and spewed all over the web—much to our delight. (This year, some Tweets...
Red Bull Music: 20 Before 15
Red Bull Music Academy has drawn together 20 tracks from artists they've worked with over the past year. Spanning genres and notoriety, the list represents the diversity evident in today's music scene where the line between mainstream and underground...
Georgia Perry's Festive Designs
Whatever the holidays mean to you—be it celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, eating too much, or something else—Georgia Perry's delightfully colorful greeting cards do well to match the mood of the season. From geometric Christmas...
Studio Visit: Sculptor Matt Kinney
by Janine M. Stankus In the sun-splayed parlor of his partially renovated 1850s home, Matt Kinney’s artwork mingles with tools of his craft. Paint buckets, sliced and with wood medallions at their mouths, lean beneath a bench strewn with chisels...
Jean Jullien's "US"
French-born, London-based illustrator and Cool Hunting favorite, Jean Jullien has returned to London’s Kemistry Gallery with new exhibition “US.” Like much of Jullien’s work, the title itself is humorous and has a double meaning, seemingly referring...
"Pop-Up Op-Art: Vasarely" by Philippe UG
Victor Vasarely is widely recognized as the grandfather of Op-Art, the short-lived but highly impactful movement that brought optical illusion to the canvas and sculpture. Seemingly contemporary because of its computational element and use of high...
Twibfy Image Marketplace
As it stands, when searching for stock photos, publications and the general public have few options for quality, legal images worth publishing. And, as a photographer or artist, there are even fewer ways to combat having your work plagiarized or...
Yule Log 2.014
Just in time for the holidays, New York-based animation director and illustrator Daniel Savage is once again rethinking the iconic yule log through a series of digital shorts. Exactly one year ago Savage launched Yule Log 2.0, showcasing the work...
Rise Art
Online art purveyors Rise Art offer affordable works by a variety of artists, that you can either rent or purchase. Also, with every piece sold, Rise Art sends a personal art supply kit to a child in the hospital (sharing supplies is often verboten...
Ever Yours
Much of what we know about the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh in fact, comes straight from the artist himself. A new book from Yale University Press highlights 265 (from a collection of over 800) of Van Gogh's written letters, giving the...
Your 15 Minutes Await With Absolut's Andy Warhol Art Exchange
As the grandfather of Pop Art, Andy Warhol and his legacy are those of appropriation. Already canonical, his images become increasingly powerful the more they are repeated and translated into new mediums. For their latest collaboration, Absolut is...
A Profile of Artist Mac Premo
Brooklyn-based Mac Premo aptly self-identifies as an artist and a "stuff-maker." Peering into his studio reveals that the latter is surely a description he lives up to on a daily basis. Premo recently invited Dutch filmmaker Bas Berkhout (now based...
The Haas Brothers Volume 1
With wildly imaginative designs and an eye for material, The Haas Brothers have been redefining home decor, art and furniture since 2010. Whether they're tackling sexuality, science fiction or wild animals across vases, benches and lamps, each piece...
Mother Pigeon’s Outstallation
Mother Pigeon's rapture with New York City's indigenous wildlife has led to a course of activism, through art and public installations. The artist, known to her human companions as Tina Piña Trachtenburg will debut a gregarious Flash Flock, designed...
Erwin Olaf: Volume II
Netherlands-born photographer Erwin Olaf is internationally famed for his mysterious and moody imagery—from hyper-posed, traditionally inspired portraits and still lifes to the seemingly creepy and voyeuristic. His photos create a strong sense of...
John Alcorn: Evolution by Design
by Eva Glettner At his untimely death in 1992, John Alcorn left behind a storied legacy as an illustrator and graphic designer. From his start at famed Push Pin Studios with Milton Glaser to apprenticing with Lou Dorfman at CBS, Alcorn pushed boundaries...
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