Test Drive: 2016 Audi Q7
by Michael Frank Audi's latest Q7, its seven-passenger crossover, is a much-improved driver’s car. This is chiefly due to weight—while the outgoing seven-passenger Q7 could weigh up to 5,412 pounds, the new one is down to 4,938 pounds. A future...
Impressions of the iPad Pro
We’ve been using the iPad Pro for a couple weeks now and are thoroughly impressed. The screen is phenomenal, speakers are booming and every app runs super-fast. While our intention was to focus on how the larger screen tablet fits in to a professional...
Fuseproject's Three-Port Zolt Charger
Launching today, the Zolt Laptop Charger aims to make powering all your devices faster, easier and much less cumbersome. The charger—designed by fuseproject—is a sleek, lightweight device with three USB ports. This translates to charging three...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Your "Personal Bubble" is Actually a Cloud of Bacteria A new study published in the journal Peer J has revealed that a “personal bubble” isn’t just a reference to a preferred spacial barrier—but a living, breathing organism that’s unique to...
Test Drive: The 2016 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG
When Mercedes-Benz re-introduced the A-Class in 2012, the radical redesign was presented as the "heartbeat of a generation." This double entendre referred to the brand’s new generation of design as well as its new target consumer market. Since then...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Last Living 9/11 Search Dog Gets the Best Day Ever Once in a while, BarkBox will choose a special pup and treat them to a “Dog’s Best Day.” And no dog is more deserving than their latest honoree Bretagne: the last known living search and...
Esbee's Handmade Leather iPhone and iPad Charging Cables
While the leather encasement might be the most aesthetically alluring feature of Esbee Cables' iPhone and iPad charging wires, it's arguably not the most important. Yes, electric insides are wrapped in luxuriant, handmade leather that prevents...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Apple's Autonomous Car Prepares for Testing Many have speculated that Apple has been working on its own autonomous car, dubbed Project Titan, and new information gathered by The Guardian shows that it may hit production sooner than expected...
Leather Apple Watch Strap
Made from high-quality four-ounce American Bridle Leather, Bexar Goods' Apple Watch strap is a sophisticated way to add a feeling of heritage to a futuristic smartwatch. Available in tan or medium brown, the vegetable-tanned strap features three different...
Glazed Apple Plate
NYC-based artist and designer John Derian, best known for his nature and vintage-inspired découpage pieces, has collaborated with Parisian ceramics brand Astier de Villatte for a match made in heaven, as they both draw inspiration from "things forgotten...
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