WeberHodelFeder Shoes
While duos are aplenty in the creative fields, a strong design trio is definitely cause to pull the car over and further investigate. WeberHodelFeder (WHF) might sound like it should be followed by loud "Gesundheit!" but a glance at the label's high...
The Game Design Store
The Game is a great new design concept store—at two locations in Brussels and Antwerp—with products specially selected by curator Alexis Ryngaert's keen eye. And they don't come much keener than Ryngaert's: he's the founder of Victor Hunt Designart...
Ann Demeulemeester's Beautiful Fashion Book
The music industry has the White Album. And now fashion has an iconic black book, thanks to a beautiful new volume from Rizzoli chronicling the visual history of Ann Demeulemeester's contributions to the world of fashion. The Flemish designer has...
Happy Birthday Dear Academie
London, Paris, Milan and New York are usually the first cities that come to mind as the breeding grounds of art and culture. Yet it's in Antwerp, Belgium (with a population of around 500,000), where the Royal Academy of Fine Arts has been producing...
Marques Toliver: Land of CanAan
A debut album set in motion by busking from New York to Belgium, many factors play into the soulful joy of Marques Toliver's Land of CanAan. Chance, talent, a voice and a violin have mingled, coalescing into a new sub-genre of rhythm and blues and...
Museum Aan de Stroom
Advertorial content: Building as exhibition: the Guggenheim pioneered the larger-than-life model we've come to expect from any international museum worth its salt. New York and Bilbao have their Guggenheims, and Rome has its MAXXI. Now, Antwerp...
Inge Grognard/Ronald Stoops
Almost as legendary as their subjects, creative husband-and-wife duo, Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops are steeped in Antwerp's fashion scene heyday of the early '80s. With Stoops behind the lens and Gorgnard supplying the make up direction, the...