Cool Hunting Video: Hodinkee's Ben Clymer
In our latest video as part of The Macallan Rare Cask Rare Discoveries Series, we sit down with Ben Clymer, founder and Editor in Chief of Hodinkee, the most popular online magazine about watches. An obsessive collector, the banker-turned-entrepreneur...
Treasures Inside a Tunnel: Osaka's Shark Attack
Opened in 2013 in Japan's Kansai region, the commercial complex of Grand Front Osaka stands just outside the Osaka train station, offering weary travelers a long list of high-end stores and restaurants (including the World Beer Museum that seats...
Caicifang: A New Life for Ancient Porcelain
Since the beginning of last century, when the Qing dynasty was in its final years, China had a tradition of recovering old fragments of precious ceramic. In 1902, in the bustling commercial area south of Beijing's Forbidden City, several workshops...
Beeswax Candles Cast from Antique Bottles
Arizona-based husband-and-wife duo Peter and Juwels hand make candles with pure beeswax, which burns longer and brighter than any other wax on the planet, and employs lots of honey bees! Be sure to check out their other styles on Etsy, such as the...
Coffee Makers: Macchine da Caffè
Rather than a simple reference guide, "Coffee Makers: Macchine da Caffè" is the first encyclopedia of coffee machines and extensive exploration of the history of making coffee. The result of two years of travel and research, this project was born...
Architectural Artifacts
With a renovated 80,000 square feet of space, the Architectural Artifacts collection of treasures holds what seems to be an infinite amount of global finds. The assortment of goods includes everything from French Deco etched glass panels to glass candy...
The Getty Villa in Malibu
Dedicated to the study of arts and culture of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria, the Getty on the beach is a more manageable visit than going to its sister Meier-designed museum to the East. Sat atop a cliff in Malibu, The Getty Villa is a sight to...
The French word Jadis translates roughly to "in times past" or "the old days" which is apt for this special, by-appointment-only antique store. While the Santa Monica shop—owned by carpenter and self-taught engineer Parke Meek until his death in 2010...
Tucheng Store in Beijing
The Chinese propaganda leviathan is still struggling to find a way to make the country look hip and culturally influential worldwide, and in the eyes of a skeptical foreign audience, any effort will be useless until freedom of expression doesn’t...
Interview: Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux
Created in 2004 by Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux as an artistic outlet, GCDK De.Sign is an unconventional furniture design company started in Paris and is now based in Beijing. Chassin de Kergommeaux bases her work on careful research of...
Pelicans & Parrots
London's East End is globally renowned for playing host to some of the world's most stylishly eclectic fashion houses, art galleries and bars. But it's the small gems you won't necessarily hear about—unless you're a local—that continue...
Bureau of Trade
It all started with a search for a pair of whalebones—two of them, between five and seven feet in length—to be mounted on a wall. Michael Moskowitz wanted to display the rare pieces to spark discussion of conservationist efforts, but...
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi When one thinks of Atlantis, a phantasm of decadence and splendor floods the senses, harkening a city at the height of its glory. For the "Atlantish: quite like Atlantis" collection, design collective Greece Is For Lovers...
Geren Ford Annex
After a successful decade designing womenswear under her eponymous label, Geren Ford, Geren Lockhart has opened a multi-use space housing all aspects of her brand, including her first retail outpost, called the Annex. The funky building also includes...
Founded in 2006, VandM (Vintage and Modern) is a membership-based online sales site with a passion for treasures from the past, specializing in unique and original furniture, household goods, jewelry and textiles. VandM provides insightful editorial...
ByKenyan's Kenyan Lewis has more than an exceptional eye for antiques. Together with his partner Grace Kelsey, the two live and breathe the Americana lifestyle—from their beautifully rustic home and interior design projects to prop styling...
Gaelle Faure
An archaeologist-turned-anthropologist-turned-artist, Parisian Gaelle Faure uses collage to tell her own version of history. She forages flea markets for antiques and second-hand items, such as old photographs, dolls, dried butterflies and other...
Best of CH 2010: Top Five Cool Hunting Videos
Another great year for Cool Hunting Video, 2010 saw a cast of fantastic characters from Brooklyn to Bristol. While each video is its own compelling story, some of our personal favorites are highlighted below. Micachu and the Shapes We got an inside...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brimfield Dealers
This video checks in with the sellers who come to the Brimfield Antique Show, which three times a year inflates the population of Brimfield, Massachusetts from 3,000 to a quarter million. From a dealer who specializes in Masonic ephemera to a sculptor...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brimfield Collectors
Taking a look at the thrice-annual phenomenon of the Brimfield Antique Show in Western Massachusetts, this video focuses on the people who travel there from all over the world to collect everything from milk bottle caps to taxidermy peacocks...
Brimfield Antiques Market Fall 2009: The Finds
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Brimfield Antiques Market Fall 2009
Enticed by stories of car-sized vintage disco balls, taxidermy albino peacocks and optometry instruments, I recently set off with a couple friends to Brimfield, a small town about an hour outside of Boston, to visit the week-long antiques fair that...
Blue Gear Works Jewelry
While walking in Soho the other day, I came across a fabulous antique-chic jewelry stand helmed by New York based artist Blue Bayer. Blue uses found objects such as gears, clocks, lockets, spoons and evil eyes to create Victorian, steam punk-style...