Mary Lattimore's Ambient Playlist
"Ambient" is too often a lazy title thrown at any track without a steady beat, and the word cannot do justice to the veins of artists at hand experimenting with voice, instrument, or even electronics. Mary Lattimore—who commands a harp—has put...
For Nihon
As the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis begin to fade from the headlines, heartfelt efforts to help the nation recover continue. One that recently stood out brings together a group of ambient recording artists who are stepping up with...
La Noche en Blanco: Perpetual Sunshine
Around three in the morning last Sunday, several hours into Madrid's La Noche en Blanco festival, I stumbled to Plaza Vazquez de Mella in search of Perpetual Sunshine. The brainchild of meteorologists, interior designers, and club kids, the exhibit...
Nabaztag/tag, the latest version of the Nabaztag, the little WiFi bunny that displays information, is here. Now communicating via sound, light and movement, it can alert you to incoming emails and appointments, among other functions. The Nabaztag...
Created by London based Schulze & Webb, Availabot is a USB device that physically shows the availability of someone on your IM buddy list. When the assigned friend is available for chatting Availabot stands up; when said friend is no longer...
Soel: Memento
Bringing together elements of his African roots, Parisian upbringing and American musical influences, trumpeter Pascal Ohse, a.k.a. Soel, created a brilliant collection of music bridging jazz, ‘70s funky soul and R&B and ambient electronic...
Brazilian Girls Do it Better
Brazilian Girls are turning the dance music world on its head. Fronted by the sultry Sabina Scuibba, Brazilian Girls sounds like Shirley Bassey, Grace Jones and Los Amigos Invisibles at an outdoor reggae fest. While their name suggests Rio, the group...