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The Kids are in Flight
Parents flying with children of any age face the sometimes harrowing dilemma of keeping everyone happy. Best-case scenario, kids spend the entire time quietly occupied by in-flight entertainment, games or books—or even take a nap. At mealtime...
Five Senses on a Plane
When it comes down to it, says British Airways Height Cuisine chef Heston Blumenthal, "Eating is the only thing we do that engages all five senses." Certainly air travel provides a challenging forum for a sensory experience, but Blumenthal and his...
Eggs on a Plane
On the ground or in the air, properly cooked eggs present a challenge to be mastered. Helen Davey worked for many years as a Pan Am stewardess, and her account of a harrowing experience making fresh scrambled eggs for an entire plane yielded impressive...
Service in the Sky
With a crisp white shirt, pressed navy blue suit, and red patterned tie placed just so, it's always a high-flying day at work for British Airways' cabin crew. While the passengers watch the in-flight entertainment, read, and doze, the hard-working...
Hydration Education
Ask any frequent flier for their tips on how to land at your destination feeling refreshed, and proper hydration will surely rank at the top of the list. Because the level of humidity in most airplane cabins can dip as much as 55% lower than that...
Umami Flavors Fly High
With the goal of making bland airline meals a thing of the past, the culinary team at British Airways Height Cuisine turned to Chef Heston Blumenthal to help them tackle the challenge of serving great-tasting food at 35,000 feet. In his show "Heston...
Choice Cheese
The great cheeses of the world are made by passionate artisans who have learned the craft of transforming milk and cream into one of the most sought-after delicacies. Marking an important component to their recently launched Height Cuisine program...
Wine Flights
Good news for British Airways flyers looking to unwind in the sky: wine is complimentary in every class of all flights. Andrew Sparrow of Bibendum Wine runs the department after cutting his teeth for 30 years on the British Airways team. "While...
Height Cuisine
Maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence, British Airways has gone to great lengths to develop a culinary program that serves delicious meals to passengers in all flight classes. To this end the airline has launched The lackluster quality...