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Tui Krosschell Scarves

Oversized, digitally printed pure silk scarves made in Britain

by Richard Prime
on 10 May 2016

With summer on its way, Tui Krosschell’s new, brightly printed Func:Scarves are an expressively vibrant way to keep the evening chill of transitional seasons at bay. A recent textiles graduate from Manchester School of Art, Krosschell draws inspiration from the spectrum of the natural and built environment, interpreted into her lavish repeats which are turned into 100% pure silk scarves.

“I love how expressive I can be with color and pattern using digital techniques,” Krosschell says of her knack for effortlessly blending hand-drawing and painting with digital processes. “I gather visual imagery through photography, sketching and painting before exploring each design digitally to create a final pattern that’s coherent in color and style.” The designer wanted to add a little spice to her scarves with functional deep pockets to heighten each design’s bold aesthetic; bringing a playful edge to her already bold pieces.

Krosschell is certainly not afraid to be brassy and actively uses an oversized format (two meters by one meter) for the Func:Scarves, a decision that allows for her to pare down the colorways without losing each pattern’s impact. Each scarf also features deep pockets, so the accessory can be worn in a number of different ways. The result is a scarf that strikes that ideal balance between being ultimately wearable and functional, but never something that’s going to get lost in the crowd.

Tui Krosschell’s Func:Scarves are available for pre-order online now for £480.

Images courtesy of Tui Krosschell

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