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The Beer Box That Repels Mosquitos

SP Lager's innovative packaging solution to party pests

by Evan Orensten
on 27 January 2015

South of the equator, summer is in full swing and Papua New Guinea's SP Lager, a subsidiary of Heineken, decided to take action against something that often goes hand-in-hand with enjoying a nice cold beer outside—buzzing (and malaria-spreading) uninvited party guests. The summer special Mozzie Box not only contains a dozen bottles of beer, but also features packaging that's treated with eucalyptus, a natural insect-repellent. Simply throw the empty box in the fire and enjoy mosquito-free beers outside.

The idea came from the Brisbane branch of Australian and New Zealand-based agency GPY&R and netted a swarm of advertising awards including a Cannes Silver Lion.

Image and video courtesy of GPY&R

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