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Three inventive bike accessories that double as urban furniture

by Paolo Ferrarini
on 13 April 2011

Spotted at Salone Satellite, the work of the Austrian duo Undpartner aims to not just design a few bike accessories but to reinvent urban experiences. As Barbara Gollackner and Michael Walder say, "Undpartner is ready to reconquer public space: city residents are being given the opportunity to reconquer room for communication and create a spot for everyday living with wear-it-yourself furniture."

UndpartnerParasit8.jpg UndpartnerParasit5.jpg

The Parasite seat can be worn directly on the body, but can also hang wherever there's a pole, a door or a traffic sign.


Super Francesco gives bike riders the possibility to easily create public seating; with one click it can be removed from the bike and laid on the floor.

UndpartnerElliot6.jpg UndpartnerElliot3.jpg

Elliot is a small sculptural item that turns a torch or a bike light into an outdoor lampshade and is easily carried along on bags or bikes.

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