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Someone to Love

Cristina Nuñez turns twenty years of self-portraits into a book and therapy technique

by Paolo Ferrarini in Culture on 29 November 2010


Photographer Cristina Nuñez began shooting self-portraits more than 20 years ago, unabashedly turning the lens on herself way before webcams and mobile phones with cameras made the format ubiquitous. Today she boldly declares she has a mission: transforming human suffering into art.

Her longtime expertise in photography, as well as experience teaching in prisons, mental health centers, art academies, companies and schools, led her to define a methodology which is now contained in a double book, "Someone To Love," edited by Private Space Books.


The first volume tells Cristina's autobiography through her self-portraits, family pictures and English text. The narrative follows her family history and childhood, her troubled adolescence as a heroin addict, her move from Spain to Italy and the evolution of her self-image, her relationships to her partners and daughters, and finally the discovery of the self-portrait as a tool for self-therapy.


The second book focuses entirely on the method of the "Self Portrait Experience," a complete guide to explore one's life, to stimulate the creative process and get empowered. It includes theory, exercises and numerous images taken by her workshops participants.


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