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Handmade Dog Collar

Hand-woven by talented indigenous artisans in Southern Mexico, Seiba's pet accessories look good but—importantly—offer a human element. Made using durable nylon, each collar takes about six hours to complete and the bright designs are diverse enough to suit all kinds of pooch personalities.

Boobies Collar

Made from 100% natural fair-trade hemp, Shed collars for pets come adorned with all kinds of playful and provocative patterns. From marijuana leaves to dinosaurs, smiley poop and boobs, they are each as silly and cute as the next. Available in small, medium or large, they can fit small dogs, cats and even "small bears," so your best pal will be the right size for one of these fun accessories.

Science X 10
Day of the Dinosaurs: Step into a Spectacular Prehistoric World

Full of fascinating facts for any aspiring paleontologist, "Day of the Dinosaurs: Step into a Spectacular Prehistoric World" is also teeming with colorful but sophisticated pictures. Exploring four eras of dinosaurs—the Triassic, the early Jurassic, the Late Jurassic and the Cretaceous—this hardcover book has enough to engage kids and kids at heart.

Bug Plush Toy Set

With a squeaky center, these bug-shaped plush toys will become your pet's favorite in no time. The set comes with five animals to toss around: butterfly, bee, ladybug, beetle and worm. Additionally, a percentage of the purchase price goes toward the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which aims to end commercial exploitation of animals.

Big Bud Press
Rainbow Coin Purse

This cheerful coin purse is an ideal size for loose change, various trinkets and tchotchkes, and the bright rainbow is sure to provoke a smile—no matter how low the funds are inside. With a tip of the hat to the LGBTQ+ community, this embroidered purse is available in white denim or classic blue.

"We Can Be Radical" Onesie

For kids of any gender, this very cute onesie has a double meaning. LA's Otherwild is famed for its positive and inclusive vibes, so the slogan "We Can Be Radical" could very well relate to feminism, or just generally being rad. Printed on a 100% cotton unisex black American Apparel onesie, this same design is available for tots of all sizes—and there are T-shirts for bigger kids too.

Treat Simple
Prime Rib Treats

Wheat-, gluten-, and soy-free, these Prime Rib Biscuits are for fussy pooches with health-conscious parents. Crafted with beef sourced in the USA, these treats also include olive oil, parsley, garlic and an oat flour batter—which all sound good enough for humans too.

Milk Bar
Compost Cookie Mix

Make Milk Bar's famous Compost cookies at home with their salty but sweet and foolproof mix. With chocolate, coffee, butterscotch and oats, all you need to add is butter, an egg and your choice of potato chips or pretzels—or just about anything else you can think up. Each can makes about 12 cookies (or perhaps one giant one?) and all their other flavors—including Blueberry and Cream, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Confetti, and Corn—are available online too.

Fish Hotel Aquarium

Whether getting a new gilled friend, or wanting to offer your goldfish a little vacation, this fish hotel aquarium is a thoughtful alternative to the traditional fish bowl. Measuring 20cm x 19cm x 19cm, the cubist hotel can be stacked to create a complex and is crafted from molded plastic and glass.

Dog Bed

Designed by the bed experts at Casper, this pet bed was created with dog behavior in mind. The team spent 400+ hours testing it, and 11 months studying dog sleeping habits. Available in three colorways (blue, gray or sand) and made with super-strong bonded microfibers, this bed can handle all your pooch's scratching, nuzzling and drooling.

3D Bear

At 11 inches tall, Locknester's 3D-printed, three dimensional bear puzzle doubles as an assembly game and design object. Each piece has been sanded, barrel tumbled, and top-coated yielding a smooth, shiny finish. It's an intuitive process to assemble all five pieces, easy enough for the youngest builders—but the end result is a proud creature that looks rather refined.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen + Yayoi Kusama

Despite being born over a century apart, and in Denmark and Japan respectively, Hans Christian Andersen and Yayoi Kusama are an ideal match in this version of Andersen's "The Little Mermaid." Kusama's always beautiful illustrations—squiggly patterns and wild creatures—complement the magical and heartbreaking fairytale. This is one for kids of all ages, but remember the original ending of this story is much different than the Disney one.

12-Piece Pencil Kit

Made in the USA, this 12-piece charcoal pencil set includes everything you need to start sketching—all you need is the paper. The kit has black and white charcoal pencils, sticks, a sketch pencil, plus an eraser and sharpener. Whether gifting to a child or adult, this present encourages creativity—and we could all use a little more of that.

Moon Picnic
Ice Cream Sculpture Kit

Sadly not edible, but still a lot of fun, Moon Picnic's giant Ice Cream Sculpture kit is a delight for children (and kids at heart). The set comes complete with two posters—one for the ice cream scoop and one to make the waffle cone—and all you need is scissors, glue stick, ruler and a little patience. The end result looks good enough to eat and makes for a fun party decoration to boot.

Mogees Play

Combining a series of apps and a smart vibration sensor, East London-based Mogees has managed to create a tech accessory that transforms any object into a musical instrument. By plugging the device into your smartphone and initiating one of the apps, Mogees can be played within two modes: Pulse or Jam. The former is a rhythm game, and the latter is essentially a set of tools that provide you with all kinds of sounds, loops and rhythms to create your own musical masterpiece. It's also compatible with GarageBans and other MIDI apps.

NGV Design Store + Martí Guixé
Fruit and Vegetable Skateboard

Incorporating Martí Guixé's colorful, graphic fruit and veggie designs, this Australian-manufactured skate deck is vibrant and playful. Of course, skateboards have long been used as a platform for artistic exploration and Guixé's work succeeds as a colorful piece to be proud of—whether using it to skate on or to hang on a wall. For foodies, skaters, art enthusiasts and more, it's a piece that caters to all types.

Sara M Lyons
Sad Ghost Socks

For those who like a little angst with their apparitions, Sara M Lyons' sad ghost socks will be a great fit—for Halloween and beyond. The artist/designer's signature crying ghouls adorn these pale blue knitted socks—made for all genders. Also available are the pale pink happy ghost version—no tears—for more smiley spirits.

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