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Olivers Apparel
Five-Pocket Pants

Somewhere between slim-fit denim and workout pants, Olivers Apparel’s Five-Pocket Pants look fit for a night out but are designed for active days. With a tapered leg, gusseted crotch and a sweat-wicking, stretchy and abrasion-resistant fabric, they’re perfect for long flights and the adventures awaiting upon arrival. After trying these out first-hand, we can attest that the only time you’ll want to take them off is to throw them in the wash.

Penguin Random House
The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Create your trippiest artwork and set your inner artist free with Jared Hoffman's "The Stoner’s Coloring Book." With 40+ original illustrations created by nine artists, the pages within are a wild ride; psychedelic and plenty of positive vibes. So find a comfy spot to sit, settle in with your favorite snacks, and enjoy this childhood activity that's just as fun now.

Patagonia Provisions
Soup + Salmon Gift Box

Dinner at the campsite can be meaningful as it is nourishing. Outdoor brand Patagonia's purposeful food line Provisions is offering meals that are surprisingly both delicious and good for you, while being sensitive to the environment and investing in conservation efforts. The lightly smoked wild sockeye salmon can be eaten straight from the pouch, or warmed up along with filling organic whole grain and vegetable Tsampa Soup. The sealed packs are shelf stable for one year, requiring no refrigeration—and you don't have to backpack to enjoy them. It's so flavorful, you'll have scraped the plate clean in the same time it takes to put in a Seamless order.

Junit Lamp

Made from geometric-shaped ash wood, these delightful lamps are painted in bright primary colors that add a splash of boldness to any room, without overwhelming it. A great option for those seeking decorative lighting but live in small spaces, the Junit Lamp delivers a soft glow that's gentle, ambient and calming thanks to its oversized but milky glass lightbulb.

Pilot Automatic Tasman Blue

At first glance, the Pilot Automatic watch designed by Australia's luxury timepiece brand Bausele captures attention for two reasons: a hyper-modern face and an off-center dial. In fact, both of these attributes are drawn from aviation pilot watches of old and the latter observation makes it an ideal driving watch. With one's hands at 10 and two on a steering wheel, the dial appears perfectly aligned. This 44mm piece, made in Switzerland, pairs a black matte ceramic case with a deep blue leather strap, furthering the distinct look. And as it's made in an edition of only 75, there aren't that many to go around.

Race Point Publishing
Sketchy Stories

Delving into renowned artist Kerby Rosanes' sketchbook—via his newly published "Sketchy Stories"—is akin to seeing behind the curtain. It's a reproduction of his Moleskin and is chock-full of positive mantras along with strange and sweet critters and characters—from martians to wolves and even a take on Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Since it's all in black and white, it almost begs to be a coloring book—though we're unsure whether the artist would approve or not.

William N Copley
Think Pin

William N Copley (aka CPLY) passed away in 1996, but his thoughtful and provocative art remains relevant. Somewhere between Surrealism and American pop art, Copley's work is colorful, bold and full of allegory. This American flag pin (with the word "think" replacing the stars) is a timely reminder that's it's possible to be hopeful, thoughtful, respectful and still patriotic.

Airnet MIPS Bike Helmet

A well-ventilated helmet makes all the difference between enjoying vs cursing your summer commute and weekend bike rides. Specialized's new Airnet helmet has large vents to efficiently keep temperatures down, with comfortable merino wool pads that dry quickly. Both the streamlined design and mid-tier price hit a sweet spot between baseline and pro offerings. Available in men's and women's sizing (the latter has a Hairport to fit ponytails), this snug Airnet is equipped with a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System for even more protection.

Bliss and Mischief
Legalize Bliss T-Shirt

Inspired by the style and spirit of the '70s, this stonewashed vintage-vibe T-shirt from Bliss and Mischief is very 420 friendly. With flocked lettering spelling out "Nature's Way of Saying High" on the front and a giant "Legalize Bliss" on the back, the message is clear. Made in the USA from 100% cotton, the T-shirt is slim-fitting—so keep that in mind when buying online.

The Beach People Co
The Tulum Round Towel

Designed in Australia, this giant round beach towel is big enough for two. Measuring 60 inches in diameter, and boasting a cream and black design, it will be at home on the hot sand but will be just as useful when picnicking in a park or sunbathing by the pool. Complete with tasseled edges, it's a little bit posh, but if you spill a daiquiri it won't be the end of the world—made from 100% cotton, it should wash out.

Sideshow Press
Linen Cocktail Napkin Set

This set of four 100% linen cotton napkins features different screen-printed color trim on each—and a message every hostess, host or guest would love to be called: Gracious, Skilled, Daring, or Charming. All of the letter-pressing is done by hand in Sideshow Press' South Carolina studio. At 5.5 x 8.5 inches, they're ideal for cocktails and are sure to punch up any party with a bit of class.

Sublime x Ace Hotel
Rollable Straw Hat

Nothing's off-limits for Tokyo-based Sublime Headwear: tie-dye beanies, felt baseball caps, made-in-Nepal cashmere pieces, brightly patterned bucket hats—they play with it all. Perfect for whatever warm weather region you're headed to, their rollable, foldable straw hat—made in collaboration with Ace Hotel New Orleans—can be tossed in a suitcase with no worries, leaving more room to bring back lots and lots of souvenirs.

Zakee Shariff
Rainbow Embroidered Denim Jacket

This navy denim jacket, designed by artist Zakee Shariff, is beautifully embroidered with hands that touch and emit a healing rainbow; a visual declaration for coming together. The front sports equally colorful changing moon phases along the buttonholes. Made to order in the UK, it's full of positive vibes to get you off to a good start—and maybe those around you, as well.

Fellowes Brands
ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS

For anyone looking to step up their iPhone image capturing, the new ExoLens attachment features a wide-angle professional ZEISS lens. It's the first (virtually distortion-free) aspherical lens developed by the brand solely for iPhone. With an infinite focal length, the lens is ideal for landscape and architectural photography—and the quality is stunning. Further, the bracket (which connects the lens to an iPhone) has been composed of precision-machined aluminum—making it lightweight—and features interior liners to protect the device.

Lift Bike Storage Hook

Launching today on Kickstarter, Ippinka's Lift hook can hold more than just your bags and winter coats. Made to securely hold up your bike, Lift is super-strong (made to hold 50lbs) but still sleek enough to prevent a clunky, ugly wall mess. Made with the intention to declutter your home and life, the wood-and-steel hook can be attached to several different surfaces—so whether it's in your apartment entryway or your garage's concrete walls, it will stay up.

Tripp Trapp High Chair

If you or someone you know is a design-minded parent, then you’re likely familiar with Stokke’s Tripp Trapp high chair, but you’ve probably yet to lay eyes on their new Hazy Grey colorway. Dark and sophisticated, the hue allows the natural grain of the wood to show through and makes the clean lines of the 1972 Scandinavian design even more adaptable to different kitchen decors. Not to forget the original features that make it so popular—namely that it’s adjustable as your little one grows and brings them right up to the table, until they can graduate to an adult-sized chair.

Altered Antique
Prince Plate

Each ceramic plate in the altered antique collection is hand-painted and one of a kind—and utterly lovely. Giving old plates a new existence and new relevance, the floral decoration and familiar all-black profile portrait of Prince make for a stunning juxtaposition—one that entirely reflects the iconic musician's identity. A pretty yet powerful addition to any art-covered wall; price in AUD.

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