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All Products
Lord Jameson
Valentine's Day Artisanal Dog Treats

Everyone needs love on Valentine's Day, including our four-legged friends. A limited edition offering from artisanal dog treat producer Lord Jameson strikes the perfect balance of tastiness and health. Each treat is crafted from 100% organic non-GMO ingredients and is wheat-, corn-, soy- and diary-free. Made from coconut and roasted peanuts, it's sure to be a pleaser.

People I've Loved
Practical Love Spell Card

This sweet white and purple letter-pressed greeting card offers a very practical love spell to make your Valentine fall for you. With sensible magic like "be on time," "listen" and "brush your teeth," the advice seems perfectly practical, but oftentimes this kind of common knowledge isn't so common. Follow the easy spell and there's no way your Valentine's Day can go belly up.

Rainbow Heart Tote

While it's useful and very cute, there's a lot more to this rainbow-colored, heart-printed tote. Funds from the sale of this bag go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) whose work has always been important, but perhaps is now more so than ever. Show your favorite people you care about them—and about the rights of others—with this canvas tote. (Of course, we also recommend setting up a monthly donation to the ACLU if you're in a position to do so.)

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

Whether you're playing with a partner, as part of a team or solo, Apothecanna's Sexy Time personal intimacy oil is actually applied 15 minutes beforehand. By massaging the oil into one's neck, chest and erogenous zones, it enhances sensitivity and blood flow. Made with jasmine, coconut, argan and cannabis, it also boasts a subtle but pleasing fragrance.

Beauty Heroes
Beauty Heroes Gift Card

A company that has immense ingredient integrity, Beauty Heroes doesn't skimp on quality. Ensuring their products aren't just toxin-free, but rather actually good for you, the team selects some of the most glorious products that will leave you feeling entirely pampered. With so many to choose from, sometimes the best bet is a gift card, and these ones are available from $25 to $420 and can be used toward their subscription service or in their webstore.

Verameat + Anja Slibar
Alligator Scarf

Verameat (helmed by Vera Balyura) is probably best known for handcrafted jewelry, but the NYC brand also makes apparel, accessories and tote bags. Available for pre-order now, this limited edition 100% silk scarf is thick and soft, but its artwork is kind of brutal. Depicting an alligator chomping down on a person, the design (by Anja Slibar) actually delights. Measuring 35 by 35 inches, and with hand-rolled edges, it's a sophisticated but aggressive accessory.

Tailored Fragrance Set

Thanks to a clever survey done online, perfumer Hawthorne tailor-makes two fragrances for you—or the person you're gifting it to. From asking about specific types of whisky you drink, to style choices, workplace atmospheres and even body temperature, many factors pertaining to taste and personality are gleaned. The final result is two perfumes—one for work and one for play—that come delivered in sleek black and white packaging.

Princeton University Press
Welcome to the Universe

Co-authored by Michael Strauss (a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University), J. Richard Gott (professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University) and Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, cosmologist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space), this book about space has some star-power behind it. "Welcome To The Universe" is an introduction to astronomy, but in no way is it dumbed down—rather, readers will feel like they're understanding the impossible. Covering questions about intelligent life, black holes, worm holes and time travel, this book feels almost as infinite as the universe itself.

Ren Hang

An artist at the forefront of gender inclusiveness, Chinese photographer Ren Hang's work is full of nudity, but is somehow not entirely sexual. Certainly NSFW, his work is controversial in his homeland, but embraced elsewhere, and it's completely compelling albeit at times shocking or surprising. Edited by the legendary Dian Hanson, this book is an essential for any photography or Chinese art enthusiast.

J W Anderson
Penis-Shaped Keyring

Maybe the perfect gift for the person in your life who has three of everything, J W Anderson's penis-shaped keyring. Available in black, white or red and measuring 17cm (make a joke if you will) this keyring is made from 100% leather and invites all kinds of excellent puns and jokes—which is almost always welcome.

WINDEN + The Rising States
"RAD" Necklace

Tell somebody how you feel about them with this "RAD" necklace from WINDEN and The Rising States, which is available in solid 14k yellow gold. Cast in NYC's Diamond District and soldered in WINDEN's Brooklyn studio, this is a delicate piece, but with a robust message.

Ring II

Caroline Ventura's minimal jewelry brand brvtvs might be subtle, but clearly makes a sophisticated statement. Handmade in her NYC studio, this 14k gold band is delicate and easily paired with other accessories, but the inside features a hidden detail: a gorgeous conflict-free diamond. Available in sizes 3 to 7, with a white or black diamond, the ring measures a super-fine 2mm.

POMS + Pared
Pink Crystal Sunglasses

Joining forces again, Australian brands POMS and Pared have created new sunglasses for 2017 and while they are decidedly retro, they are also present day-playful—thanks to some dangly details. Both arms of the new design come complete with a silver and Swarovski Briolette charm attachment, for some seriously fun flair. Available in six colorways (tortoiseshell, black, lilac, clear, ivory or pink) these sunnies offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. (Price is in AUD.)

Natalie Joy
Philodendron Plant Mobile

Made from 100% brass, this gorgeous Philodendron leaf mobile is one plant you will never kill. Since the material will develop a patina as it ages, it can be hung somewhere warm and dry to slow the process—or the opposite to hasten it. Crafted in Portland, Oregon, it ships flat and needs no tools for assembly.

Hotel Saint Cecilia
Kimono Robe

Inspired by the Japanese yukata (or summer robe) Hotel Saint Cecilia's indigo kimono makes for luxuriant loungewear. Each has been custom made from 100% cotton indigo-dyed batik fabric. These are unisex, one-size-fits-all articles, with a sash belt to tie it up.

Me and You + Deer Dana
Bad Girl Bandana

Made in collaboration by Deer Dana and Me and You, this Bad Girl bandana is an homage to Rihanna. Available in black or pink, the 100% cotton accessory is covered in Rihanna's favorite design motifs—including everything from retro cat-eye sunglasses to fluffy kitten heels and blunts. This makes for a great alternative to the classic paisley bandana and a subtle way to show fandom without going overboard.

Eroticize Equality T-Shirt

Gloria Steinem once said that we need to "eroticize equality" rather than women's bodies. This T-shirt from Prinkshop makes the statement, plain and simple, for all to see. The best part about wearing this particular belief on your chest is that Prinkshop gives 30% of their profits to Lady Parts Justice—an organization that uses humor and transparency to educate women about how their rights are being removed, and encourage people to form alliances in order to keep each other safe.