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Juniper Ridge
Desert Piñon Campfire Incense

The Desert Piñon's needles boast a deliciously sweet but earthy and pine-y fragrance that conjures images of burnt orange from the Southwest—and it's a scent that Juniper Ridge has recreated with their new campfire incense. Blending this with a smoky and spicy fragrance, the Desert Piñon campfire incense is made up of wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood and bamboo stick—with no charcoal, perfume or hidden chemicals.

Meraki Nomad
Smudge Stick

Adrienne Fisher personally bundles her carefully sourced herbs (wild-harvested white sage from California, lavender from Long Island's North Fork, wild sweetgrass from Illinois and roses from the local farmer's market) into beautiful smudge sticks. She takes great care during the wrapping process—asking customers to email a little bit about themselves and their intentions—so she can have that in mind to help manifest. As the white sage burns its distinct scent throughout the room, channel stress, negative energy, the past—and whatever else you want to release—into the smoke.

Coqui Coqui
Tabaco Beeswax Candle

Yucatán Peninsula-based perfumery Coqui Coqui takes sensorial inspiration from its tropical surroundings. Their unique, smoky Tabaco scent (freshly picked tobacco leaves paired with citrus) comes in candle form, where the fragrance is infused with the hand-poured wax. Not just a gift for one sense, the made-in-Mexico candle is made from sophisticated black wax, making it a treat for the eyes even when unlit.

Jurgen Lehl
Jatamansi Shampoo

Made using the intensely aromatic essential oil extracted from Jatamansi flower root (which grows in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in perfume, incense and even herbal medicine), Jurgen Lehl's shampoo is a delight for your hair and your nose. Naturally fragrant and luxurious, the concoction also includes olive and coconut oils to nourish your locks.

Brooklyn Candle Studio
The Fat Radish Collaboration Candle

Like all Brooklyn Candle Studio creations, the collaboration with The Fat Radish (one of NYC's best-loved farm-to-table restaurants) is made in small batches and hand-poured by BCS founder Tamara Mayne. Made from 100% soy—derived from American-grown soy beans—the candle offers about 50-64 hours of burn time and a delicious sweet fig scent to boot.

Bal d'Afrique Bath Oil

Bath oils have a way of making even a brief soak in the tub feel luxurious. With their Bal d'Afrique scented bath oil, Byredo offers robust yet floral aromatics atop a silky texture that's perfect for all genders. The consistently evolving profile begins with bergamot and ends with Moroccan cedarwood. You'll find everything from marigold to musk and jasmine, in between. It's rich but never overwhelming and takes a bath to the next level.

The Laundress + Le Labo
Rose 31 Detergent

Modern perfumery and quality detergent merge in The Laundress and Le Labo's collaboration. Determined to bring luxury to your laundry, the Rose 31 concoction is a super-concentrated formula (meaning you should get 32 washes from a single bottle) that's paraben-free and contains only plant-based ingredients. Washing stinky socks will never be the same.

Bespoke Perfume

Born from the belief that scent is intensely personal, NYC-based Tramuntana makes entirely one-of-a-kind fragrances using the purest oils and essences. Based on a questionnaire and conversations (in-person or not) with a representative, a perfume is created that reflects your individuality, interests and taste. Samples are posted, with room for up to three revisions for Tramuntana to tweak your signature scent just right. The formula that is chosen is then saved and only ever reproduced for you.

Tacit Eau de Parfum

Finding a scent that expresses who you are without beating passers-by over the head can be quite a challenge. Tacit, the first scent from Aesop since their debut fragrance Marrakech (and its re-vamped version Marrakech Intense), offers a clean, grounded scent that's distinct, but unobtrusive. Floral-free, green, citrus notes of yuzu and freshly cut basil are set somewhere off the Mediterranean coast.

Joya x Calico Wallpaper
Outrenoir Scented Candle

Two artisanal forces in New York—Calico Wallpaper and fragrance design studio Joya—collaborate this season for a trio of uniquely scented candles, each with their own handmade marbled glass vessel. Calico, though just two years old, has become known for its bespoke marbled wallpaper that functions as a non-repeating custom mural, and now their intricate marbling technique can be appreciated in this candle—filling up the room in its own way.

Sardine Scent-Diffusing Sphere

Having "stinky" sardines on an aroma vessel (that resembles a fortune teller's orb) is a cheeky, bold statement—but don't worry, it's not the scent being diffused through the charcoal-like reeds. "Otto" is Fornasetti's aromatic signature, with top notes of thyme and lavender and base notes of incense, balsam and birch. The decorative diffusing sphere pipes "Otto" through the room for three to six months.

Bronze Singing Meditation Bowl

Aside from their pure incense, Greenpoint's Incausa offers bronze, hand-hammered singing bowls from Tibet that vibrate with beautiful harmonic overtones when rubbed or struck. Not only beautiful to look at, the bowl helps guide you into a meditative state (especially when cars are honking outside your window) as you follow its almost infinite frequencies into emptiness and stillness. This Bath & Meditation gift set also includes incense, fragrant handmade soap and clay incense-holder. More importantly, Incausa's fair trade and social business mission ensures that this is a gift that keeps on giving back to the craftsmen and indigenous people who make it.